Excursions and Individual Explorations of Country and Culture

Group trip to Weimar

A trip to Weimar will confront you with integral and contradictory aspects of German culture and history. While you'll walk through the acclaimed European City of Culture (1999) to follow the traces of those bearing the "big names" of German literature, philosophy, and music, you'll also become aware that this is the city where the Weimarer Constitution was drafted before the Nazis were warmly welcomed for supposedly bringing back the "good old days". The local (and national) results of this political development will confront us when we visit the KZ Memorial Buchenwald, only 8 km from Weimar.

Individual trips

To get a real taste of the varieties of German local cultures, students are encouraged to visit cities in different parts of Germany or other German-speaking countries. These individual student trips are sponsored by the program.

There is a culture budget for each student every semester for theater, concerts, museums, and other cultural events.