Krissy Wong

Middlebury College

I studied abroad in New Delhi at Lady Shri Ram College with Middlebury’s program in Spring 2017. My experience abroad has been a memorable and magical one. Studying abroad in a developing country was a huge learning curve; I learned about the culture in India and the economy in a developing country, and I gained a new global outlook. This was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone and the “western” bubble I grew up in. Delhi was vastly different from any city I had ever visited. I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer population size and thick pollution when I first arrived in Delhi. I was terrified of stepping out of my apartment myself upon hearing all the potential dangers I could encounter in Delhi. However, my outlook of India changed dramatically as my semester progressed and I made friends with the locals. I became close friends with a student from St. Stephens College and he played a huge role in shaping my study abroad experience. He introduced me to many popular places and street food in North Delhi, something my overcautious self would be too hesitant to do otherwise. I grasped a better understanding of Indian lifestyle by spending time with a person who grew up in Delhi. I was able to immerse more into Indian culture and gain a fresh perspective. My friend made my study abroad experience special and made me fall in love with Delhi. I definitely want to return to India to work or travel. I highly recommend students study abroad in India, step out of their comfort zones, and learn about the world through new perspectives. After all, with globalization we must be open minded to different views and be comfortable stepping out of our bubbles.