Elizabeth Bennewitz

Bowdoin College

Choosing to take part in the Middlebury in India program was an amazing decision and experience. I choose this program because it offered me the opportunity to take physics classes in a country that is so different from the United States. While adjusting to Delhi was not easy, it was incredibly rewarding. Delhi became home as I learned how to navigate the busy streets, found my favorite street food as well as the quiet, calm places in the city to escape. Being abroad is not an easy experience and I was constantly challenged by the differences I faced whether it was in or out of the classroom, but I learned how to overcome and deal with these challenges.

Studying in India was about so much more than the classes; it was about the people I met, the food I tried and the places I went that culminated into a new perspective. This program allowed me to carve my own path and make the experience my own. When I leave to go back to the United States, I will be taking back with me so much more than I had when I arrived. Not only do I have all these new memories and experiences, but I have most importantly made lifelong friends.