2016-2017 School in Russia Calendar

Fall 2016

August 30 Arrival in Moscow (overnight flight from the U.S.)
Aug. 31-Sept. 1 Group orientation in Moscow
September 2 On-site orientation
September 5 Russian language test
September 6 Classes begin
October 3-7 Program excursion
October 24-28 Mid-terms (Middlebury classes)
November 4 National holiday; day off
December 9 Middlebury classes end
December 12-16 Final exams (Middlebury classes)
December 17 Earliest recommended departure date--those taking direct enrollment courses may have later exams.

2015-2016 School in Russia Calendar

Spring 2016

January 9 Arrival for those taking courses at the Higher School of Economics
January 11 Higher School of Economics (HSE) courses begin
February 2 Arrival in Moscow for those NOT taking HSE courses
February 3-4 Group orientation in Moscow
February 5 & 8 On-site orientation & Russian language test
February 8 Mainstream courses start (all but HSE)
February 9 Middlebury program courses start
March 7-14 Group excursion
March 28 -
April 1
Mid-term exams (Middlebury program courses)
April 4 - 8 Spring Break
May 13 Middlebury courses end
May 16 - 20 Middlebury course finals
May 21 Earliest recommended departure date--for those not taking mainstream courses