Internship Interviews

During the application process, you may be required to interview with potential internship supervisors.

The Director/Internship Coordinator will arrange the interviews for you and may accompany you to these interviews. S/he will explain the goals and requirements of the internship to your potential supervisor and will give them your resume. You should be prepared to discuss your goals and interests, and what you hope to both contribute and gain from the internship.

Here are some points to remember during the interviews:

  • Each interview is different, but the main objective is for you to persuade the supervisor that s/he should accept you for the intern position.
  • Think about your interests, skills, training, and work experience, and how you will convey these in the interview.
  • Express your interest in particular projects or tasks; and do not be afraid to ask questions. Let the interviewer know what you would be interested in doing as an intern and how you would be an asset to his/her organization.
  • The Director/Internship Coordinator will provide you with information about the organization prior to your interview. Review this information before the interview, and prepare several questions to ask about the organization (its purpose and activities), your duties and responsibilities, and the type of projects in which you may be involved.
  • Do not be late to your interview, and by all means, do not miss your interview. Confirm arrangements with the Director/Internship Coordinator about the time, place, and person who will interview you. If there is an emergency and you are unable to make the appointment, please let the Director/Internship Coordinator know right away so the interview can be rescheduled.
  • Dress neatly and make yourself presentable. Appropriate attire varies depending on the type of work environment, so discuss this with the Director/Internship Coordinator.
  • Be sure to show your enthusiasm! Explain why this particular internship is of interest to you, and how it will help you work towards your future personal and professional goals.

Remember: An internship interview is like a job interview, and the interviewer is under no obligation to accept you for the position. You have to demonstrate that you are a viable candidate.