There is a wide range of internship possibilities available to students and positions vary from site to site. The following are internships that past students have completed.

ROI UP Agency

Jackie Wyard-Yates

Jackie worked in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Metrics team at this company specialized in international online marketing. Her duties pertained mostly to the optimization of YouTube titles and descriptions for an international, leading company in the fields of infrastructure and renewable energy.

Comisión para la Investigación de Malos Tratos a Mujeres

Katie Mayopolous

Katie translated official contracts, E.U. documents, literature and manuals for government agencies at this non-profit that works to eradicate all forms of violence against women. During her internship Katie was able to arrange a series of interviews that will serve as data for her senior thesis.


Amanda McCollough

Amanda carried out several tasks in this LGBT rights organization, including in HIV prevention campaigns, HIV testing, and education workshops in high schools.

Centro De Ayunda Al Refugiado

Jordan Killen

Internship responsibilities included: drafting and submitting requests for government aid, assessing refugee-residents’ needs and assisting as possible, accompanying refugees to medical appointments, becoming familiar with Spanish Social Security system, legal procedures and integration process for asylum applicants in order to inform and assist residents, conducting oral interviews, acting as liaison between Spanish government officials and residents.

The internship taught me to think critically, to solve problems, and trust myself to function calmly and efficiently under pressure, all of which are valuable skills that I can use in any future career. You will learn, you will meet people with stories incredibly different than your own, you will laugh and perhaps cry, and if you are anything like me, the experience will most likely change your life.

Centro DATO

Sophie Goldman

This semester, while studying in Madrid, I volunteered in Centro DATO, a day center for people with brain damage such as cerebral palsy and damage experienced from strokes or car accidents. In addition to providing classes and activities during the morning, DATO also organizes residences, where adults whose parents are unable to care for them receive help with daily tasks like eating, showering and going to the bathroom. In DATO specifically, I tutored adult students with brain damage, organizing exercises and games that ranged from math problems to face recognition games. I also helped the students eat and go to the bathroom. I spent a lot of time simply talking with the students, many of which had difficulty speaking, this helped me improve my Spanish greatly, as well as my ability to face possibly frustrating situations with patience and positivity. While I had originally expected this internship to be more healthcare-based, it certainly taught me things that I will be able to use in my future healthcare studies, and I enjoyed volunteering in Centro DATO very much.

ViCe and ILP Abogados

Dwayne Scott

I worked as an Investment Coordinator for ViCe & ILP Abogados. I was the only intern and I worked alongside other professional investment coordinators. Since I speak fluent English, I served as an intermediary. What we did was find Startup entrepreneurs and help them develop their projects while putting them in touch with a plethora of investors from different countries. I established relationships with many English speaking investors from all over the world and organized our database to be in accordance. I also translated many project reports and summaries so that they may appeal a wider audience, i.e. English speaking. I gave presentations to our lawyers about legal software developed in the United States as they decided whether or not to invest in it. We attended and even hosted many investment days and I enjoyed speaking with the entrepreneurs and sipping wine with the angel investors. When promoting events, I made (possibly) 40 calls a day to venture capital firms to convince them to take a peek at our projects.


Eric Machado

During this past semester I collaborated with an organization called IN-SONORA that organizes a biannual exposition of interactive and sound art. The organization serves as an important link between Madrid’s local contemporary/experimental art scene and the global community of contemporary/experimental artists. My main tasks involved translating documents like artist biographies and work descriptions for the March 2016 exposition and compiling press material to then create a comprehensive press release document after the exposition. During my collaboration with IN-SONORA I had the opportunity to meet participating artists from several of the 14 countries represented in the exposition. Additionally, attending the exposition and related events like a press conference, which took place in several of Madrid’s most important contemporary art exposition spaces like La Casa Encendida and Media-lab Prado, was an opportunity to learn about the global trajectory of contemporary/digital art.

This internship was a unique opportunity to engage directly in the Spanish professional environment, something that would have been difficult to accomplish without the help of Middlebury. Nonetheless, even though I was working hard and gaining invaluable professional experience, participation in my internship was one of the most enjoyable parts of my time in Madrid. It was an excellent opportunity to expand my social network and contributed lots to my worldview.

Instituto de Estudios Políticos para América Latina y África

Peter Knor

This NGO promotes development and cooperation with Latin America, African and Asian countries through activities which range from sponsoring social projects to research and educational activities including a joint program with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Peter worked in the research department.

Fundación Europea Sociedad y Educación

Mariah Barber (Pomona)

This is an organization that fosters research and dialogue about education. It connects regional authorities with the educational community, private companies, and society.

Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado

Daniel Hirsch (Pomona)

Daniel is carrying out research on human rights violations in the home countries of the asylum applicants served by the Commission.

Hombre y Tierra

Elisabeth Miller (Whitman)

This organization provides information and support to immigrants applying for residency and work permits. Lizzie works together with the Director helping and advising applicants.

Fundación Europea Sociedad y Educación

Pramish Thapa

This is an organization that fosters research and dialogue about education. It connects regional authorities with the educational community, private companies, and society. Pramish is working in the area of communication (management of web page, archival work, summary of articles, etc.)