Internships abroad can enhance and strengthen your language skills, deepen your social immersion in a foreign culture, and provide in-depth experience in a work environment.

Internships can also provide knowledge and skills that may lead to career, graduate school, and other opportunities. Most internships require students to work 16 hours a week with the employer.

There is a wide range of internship possibilities available to students — and positions vary from site to site — but generally include positions with government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, businesses, the media, educational organizations, and the arts. Internships in Logroño and Córdoba are scarce and may be difficult to arrange; volunteer opportunities are more likely.  Students for whom interning is a priority should choose a program option in Madrid or Getafe.

If students are interested in working with children, they will need to apply for an FBI background check in the U.S. (this can take up to four months to receive). Students will need to bring an apostilled copy with them to Spain that demonstrates an absence of a police record.

While we do our best to assist students interested in pursuing an internship, we cannot guarantee an internship placement in a specific field or with a specific organization. The application process is competitive and internship providers expect candidates to have the appropriate skills, background knowledge, and interest in the field. Additionally, if your language skills are not strong enough, you may not qualify for an internship.

Internships and credit Past Internships

Internship opportunities are supported by the Dillon Dunwalke Fellows Program, established by Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust through Mark M. Collins, Jr., ‘79, and the Ronald H. Brown-Time Warner Endowment, established by Time Warner Inc., in honor of former Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown ‘62. Both of these funds support the placement and supervision of students in a variety of work environments while pursuing studies at the Middlebury Schools Abroad.