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With program options in Córdoba, Logroño, and Madrid, the School in Spain offers a range of options for academic immersion in Spanish language and culture. At all sites students take a Middlebury-organized language class and have the option to enroll directly in courses at our host universities for a total of four courses.

In Madrid,  students can choose between taking all of their  classes at the Sede Prim, the School in Spain headquarters, or opt to take up to two courses at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid or up to three courses at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Madrid students can complete a credit-bearing internship in place of one course.

Students have the opportunity to experience other parts of Spain while taking classes directly at local universities alongside their Spanish peers. In Logroño, located in the northern region of La Rioja, students enroll at the Universidad de la Rioja. In Córdoba, located in Andalucía, students enroll at the Universidad de Córdoba.

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The International Programs and Off-Campus Study office at Middlebury has created a database with information on courses taken abroad (both at Middlebury Schools Abroad and externally sponsored programs) and their applicability to Middlebury majors and academic distributions. The database represents only a sampling of courses that have been approved for each major to date. New courses are added regularly as they are approved.

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Note: To apply a pre-approved academic distribution or cultures and civilizations attribute to your student record OR to apply a pre-approved course toward your major, you must contact the Registrar’s Office.

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You may find it useful to consult the database when meeting with students to determine if a particular course has already been approved for major/minor credit or academic distributions.


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