University Information

The public Universidad de Córdoba enrolls over 20,000 graduate and undergraduate students across it’s four campuses. It offers 51 undergraduate degrees in its 10 schools and provides access to various cultural activities and sports facilities. In the past, Middlebury students in Córdoba have participadted in the universty choir and played on a local rugby team.

While Middlebury students take most of their classes at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras in the center of the historical city, they can also choose to take courses from the Facultad de Ciencias housed on the Rabanales campus. There is a commuter train stop on campus that connects it with the central station in Córdoba. Courses in psychology and education are offered through the Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación.

Selected Course Offerings

A list of courses offered at UCO in recent years can be seen below. While we cannot guarantee that each of these courses will be available to students on a regular basis, they serve as a representative sample of the kinds of offerings students might expect. By no means is the list of courses below exhaustive.

Facultad de Filosofía y Letras:

Arquitectura y urbanismo: del movimiento moderno a la globalización
Arqueología y Gestión del Patrimonio
Arqueología de la España prerromana y romana
Arqueología Medieval
Economía y sociedad en la España contemporánea
El legado artístico de Al-Ándalus
Geografía de España
Historia de la Filosofía
Historia Antigua I: Grecia
Historia Medieval de España
Historia Moderna de España
Historia de la España actual
Literatura comparada
Literatura hispánica siglos XVIII y XIX
Literatura hispánica siglos XX y XXI
Literatura hispánica del Siglo de Oro
Territorio y sociedad en España

Additional Offerings

For details on other available courses in Filosofía y Letras, please consult the website. Select a “Grado” (major), then select Planificación de la Enseñanza. You will see a grid of courses. Select “Guía”for course descriptions.

The following courses are among those offered in recent years at the Facultad de Ciencias:

Actividades humanas y medio ambiente
Fisología vegetal ambiental

For complete listings of science courses, consult the Facultad de Ciencias website. Select a “Grado” (major), then select Planificación de la Enseñanza and Estructura general del plan de studios y guías docentes. You will see a grid of courses. Select “Guía”for course descriptions.