Students who study with the School in Spain may choose to live in a residence hall, homestay, or shared apartment. While all program locations offer the three options, some cities may have a more limited selection to choose from. In the spirit of the Language Pledge®, all students are required to live with native Spanish speakers and maintain a Spanish speaking environment in the home.

Please review the information below and the School in Spain Handbook. Prior to arrival each student will complete a housing questionnaire that will provide the Student Affairs and Housing Coordinator with valuable information concerning each student’s housing preferences, background, expectations, and any particular needs or considerations, if any.


Homestays provide students with the ability to connect with a local Spanish family, share meals, and even participate in family gatherings and outings. Based on the students’ responses to the housing questionnaire, the Student Affairs and Housing Coordinator tries to match each student with a family, taking into consideration their expectations, needs, and preferences.

If a student planning to study in Córdoba or Logroño is interested in living with a host family, the program staff will try to find them one but cannot guarantee this option.

Residence Halls

Unlike dorms in the U.S., most Spanish residence halls are privately owned and not affiliated with any particular university. Prices vary according to room size, type, and services provided such as meals, laundry, internet, and cleaning. Many residence halls also organize activities for its residents to meet each other and discover the city. The Student Affairs and Housing Coordinator will send a list of recommended residence halls to students and will be available to provide guidance in the selection process, but it is the student’s responsibility to contact the residence halls directly and make a final decision.

Shared Apartments

Students that wish to live in a shared apartment spend their first week in Spain looking for apartments with the help of our ayudantes, local Spanish university students. The ayudantes help students contact landlords, visit apartments, and review rental agreements. While the program staff will provide students with support and guidance in the housing processes, contracts are agreements between the students and landlords. No contract should be signed without first visiting the apartment in person.

Students studying in Logroño and Córdoba typically choose to live in a shared apartment. Apartments are usually located a 15 to 20-minute walk from the host university.

Students that choose to live in a shared apartment should live with Spanish-speaking students or international students who do not speak English as a first language. Students are not permitted to live alone or with other English-speakers.