Internship Opportunities

While we do our best to assist students interested in pursuing an internship, we cannot guarantee an internship placement. The application process is competitive, and only qualified candidates will ultimately be offered an internship.

Students interested in a position working with children must apply for an FBI background check from the U.S. (this can take four months) and take an apostilled copy showing an absence of police record with them to Spain.

Internship possibilities span a wide range, and vary from site to site, but generally include government agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, the media, educational organizations, and the arts.  Recent students have participated in internships in Spain at FUNDESO (Fundacion Desarrollo Sostenido), WWB (Women's World Banking), Hilti Española S.A., and ACNUR (Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para Refugiados). In Italy, students participated in internships in the American Consulate in Florence and the Horne Museum. In France, students have interned in the Assemblée Nationale, the Conseil Régional d'Ile de France, Maria Louisa Design, Frac I'le de France, the Robert Schuman Foundation, and Theatre et Cinema Ile de France. And in Russia students have interned at CNN, NPR, The United States-Russia Investment Fund, The MacArthur Foundation, Project Harmony, The Golden Ring newspaper, The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, The Eurasia Foundation, The Moscow Institute of Modern Art, Yaroslavl Investment Center, as well as local schools and libraries. In any given year, however, we cannot guarantee an internship in a specific field or organization, though we will make every effort to accommodate. Please be aware that prospective internship providers normally expect candidates to have appropriate skills or background knowledge and interest in the field. In addition, students must have strong functional skills in the target language. If your language skills are not strong enough, you may not qualify for an internship.

Descriptions of Past Internships in Spain

Steven Medina
Asociacion Parkinson de Madrid Parkinson

Sophie Goldman
Centro Dato

Eric Machado

In-Sonora is an organization working in the field of experimental media arts.  Their activities include setting up art installations and sound performances in museums and art galleries.  Sivhanyaa has been working in the experimental arts festival held in Madrid at the Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía.  She will also be working in other workshops, projects and performances organized by In-Sonora.

Jordan Killen
Centro de Atencion al Refugiado

Dwayne Scott

Peter Knor
IEPALA -  Instituto de Estudios Políticos para América Latina y África.

This NGO promotes development and cooperation with Latin America, African and Asian countries through activities which range from  sponsoring social projects to research and educational activities including a joint program with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  Petr worked in the research department. 

Mariah Barber (Pomona)
Fundación Europea Sociedad y Educación.

This is an organization that fosters research and dialogue about education. It connects regional authorities with the educational community, private companies, and society.

Cooper Couch
Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja

The best description of this internship comes from Cooper himself:

“I am currently taking part in an internship for credit at a private hospital doing rotations in the ER, Gynecology, Pharmacy, and Pediatric Departments for 20 hours each week….I am having an absolutely incredible experience here. Right now, I'm doing my rotation in Gynecology, and I've seen a total of over 13 births (one being 25-week twins who I've been keeping track of in the PICU), more than enough dilation & curettage procedures, and a number of emergency cases.”

Daniel Hirsch (Pomona)
Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado

Daniel is carrying out research on human rights violations in the home countries of the asylum applicants served by the Commission.

Elisabeth Miller (Whitman)
Hombre y Tierra  

This organization provides information and support to immigrants applying for residency and work permits.  Lizzie works together with the Director helping and advising applicants.

Pramish Thapa
Fundación Europea Sociedad y Educación.

This is an organization that fosters research and dialogue about education. It connects regional authorities with the educational community, private companies, and society. Pramish is working in the area of     communication (management of web page, archival work, summary of articles, etc.).


Previous internship experiences:

Credit-bearing internships in Madrid

Non credit-bearing internships in Madrid

While it may be possible to participate in an internship outside of Madrid, options are much more limited.