Abbey Minondo, Logroño

Williams College

Who would have thought that my decision to study abroad in the semi-remote town of Logroño would not only be an exquisite memory of delectable Spanish pinchos and potes, but would also allow me to road trip across Northern Spain with students like myself from across the globe?! From savory, paper-thin cuts of jamón ibérico to thick triangles of tortilla Española, I truly ate my way through the Spanish coastline and countryside. Every morning I would begin my day by waking up and running along the Camino de Santiago, criss-crossing vineyards and wineries which characterize La Rioja’s patchwork-esque landscapes. On weekends when I was not traveling far, I would take a short ride up to Bilbao to soak up some art and culture in the small fishing town which rakes the sky with Frank Gehry’s architectural masterpiece: the Guggenheim. This semester was full of indulgences: I feasted on learning the technical terms of my economics classes in Spanish, I completely devoured the French grammar and vocabulary which I craved to learn and even served up some of my French skills at a couple different tourist attractions in Biarritz! If you’re hungry for an extraordinary experience in a not-your-typical-European-study-abroad setting, Logroño might treat you as right as it did me!