Downtown Madrid in the evening.

Students can complete their MA degree in one or two summers in Vermont and one academic year at the Middlebury School in Spain.

Madrid is a vibrant city of more than 3.2 million residents. As the capital of Spain, it is an important political, economic, and cultural center, and is home to several museums, theaters, and an active nightlife. The student population in Madrid exceeds 200,000, which gives the city an exciting, boisterous, and friendly atmosphere.

Even though Madrileños are accustomed to living a cosmopolitan and urban lifestyle, they maintain a strong Spanish identity that makes the city a fascinating location to learn and live the Spanish language and culture.

The city of Madrid provides students a wealth of intellectual and cultural possibilities and enjoys a central location, making travel to various regions of the country convenient. 


Classes are offered at both the Middlebury School in Spain headquarters, the Sede Prim, and at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, two of Madrid’s premier universities. See course information for details.

Spending one year immersed in the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures allows students to gain an advanced oral and written proficiency that opens various professional options after graduation. The School in Spain alumni have careers in fields as varied as teaching and academic administration, social work, and business, and many continue to pursue Ph.D.’s in the fields of literature and linguistics.

Guidelines and Handbook

Please review Middlebury’s Schools Abroad General Handbook and the School in Spain handbook where you will find information on housing, travel, and other logistics.

Visa Instructions

Check here for the most current version.