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Our master’s in Spanish allows you to prepare for admission into doctoral programs or follow careers in academia, government, business, or the nonprofit sector.


Credits include the following:

  • Two courses in Spanish or Latin American civilization and culture
  • Three language/linguistics courses
  • 6560 Literary Analysis
  • Three literature courses (6560 may not be counted as one of these)
  • Three electives (candidates preparing for a teaching career are advised to take at least one course in the area of professional preparation)
  • Symposium presentation


You have several options for completing your master’s degree.

OPTION 1 4 summers (6 weeks each) School of Spanish, Vermont
OPTION 2 3 summers (6 weeks each) School of Spanish, Vermont

+ 1 summer (6 weeks) Middlebury School in Buenos Aires
OPTION 3 1 summer (6 weeks) School of Spanish, Vermont

+ 1 academic year Middlebury School in Madrid

+ 1 summer School of Spanish, Vermont OR Middlebury School in Buenos Aires
OPTION 4 1 summer (6 weeks) School of Spanish, Vermont

+ 1 academic year (accelerated) Middlebury School in Madrid
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Choose one:


  • 2 courses in civilization and culture
  • 6 courses in language/linguistics
  • One 6560 course
  • 3 courses in literature

Teaching Methodology

  • 2 courses in civilization and culture
  • 3 courses in language/linguistics
  • One 6560 course
  • 3 courses in literature
  • 3 courses in professional preparation


  • 2 courses in civilization and culture
  • 3 courses in language/linguistics
  • One 6560 course
  • 3 courses in literature
  • 3 elective courses distributed across the various fields


  • 2 courses in civilization and culture
  • 3 courses in language/linguistics
  • One 6560 course
  • 6 courses in literature

Creative Writing

  • 2 courses in civilization and culture
  • 3 courses in language/linguistics. 
  • 1 6560 course
  • 2 courses in literature
  • 4 courses in creative writing (1 independent study)

Social Justice

  • 3 courses in language/linguistics
  • 1 6560 course
  • 3 literature courses
  • 5 courses in culture (4 in culture/social justice)

If you are a teacher or plan to be a teacher and wish to take a pedagogy course but also want to specialize in linguistics you may substitute one pedagogy course for one of the three linguistics electives. Therefore, you would earn a specialization in linguistics with 5 language/linguistics courses and one pedagogy course. The same would apply to someone earning a specialization in literature. You would earn the literature specialization with 5 literature courses and one pedagogy course.

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Middlebury’s Master of Arts in Spanish program will help you prepare for admission into doctorate programs or will allow you to follow a career in one of the following fields: 

  • Education
  • Diplomatic Affairs
  • Government and Public Affairs
  • Translation and Interpreting Services
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Writing, Editing, and Content Creation

As the number of Spanish speakers in the USA continues to grow (and now accounts for around 18% of the total population), a Master of Arts degree in Spanish could open very diverse opportunities in many different industries.


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduate education pays off both in terms of monthly income and employment. The average income of Master’s and Doctoral degree holders is considerably higher than that of the rest of the population, while unemployment rates are significantly lower.

A Master’s in Spanish will teach you about the Spanish language and culture and help you develop communication, writing, and critical thinking skills that will be crucial in any career path you decide to take. It will also make you more competitive  and allow you to live and work in Spanish speaking countries.

If you are a teacher or interested in being a teacher, recent news and policy reports suggest there are shortages of teachers in many parts of the country.


Many Language Schools in the US and abroad offer master’s degrees in Spanish. At Middlebury Language Schools, we offer four different options that allow you to combine learning at Middlebury Language Schools in Vermont with options in Buenos Aires or Madrid. Check out the different program options on this page. We also offer the Master in Applied Languages in Spanish in Vermont and Madrid with different specializations.


You definitely can! At Middlebury, we offer a program option combining studying at the School of Spanish in Vermont with a full academic year in Madrid in both the Master in Spanish and Master in Applied Languages in Spanish. If you select the 4-summer option, you can spend one summer in Buenos Aires.


If you pursue a Master of Arts in Spanish, you will choose one of the four specializations available: Literature, Teaching Methodology, Linguistics, Generalist, Creative Writing, and Social Justice.

The Master in Applied Languages in Spanish offers three specializations: Language Teaching, Social and Community Action, and Cultural Heritage and Tourism Studies.

Graduates reported that their specialization considerably contributed to their professional development.


Need-based financial aid as well as merit-based scholarships and fellowships are available for graduate students at Middlebury Language Schools. Please note that you must start by submitting a complete application to the MA in Spanish or MA in Applied Languages in Spanish programs to then receive the links for need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships.

Graduate students who choose the 4-summer option in Vermont can receive up to 100% of tuition, room, and board, while graduate students who choose the summer and year abroad in Spain can receive up to about 50% of tuition, room, and board. Need-based financial aid is funding donated by our generous alumni.

Check out the page on funding for graduate programs to learn more.