Brooke Moree

Colby College

My time in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the Middlebury program was a transformative semester that helped me further explore my interest in activism and gain the hard skills necessary to continue pursuing this interest professionally. I have always been interested in social issues and, because of that, the program helped me gain an internship with Cotidiano Mujer (Everyday Women), a feminist non-profit organization. While working there, I met inspiring women who created the feminist movement in Uruguay. I also helped organize impactful events. For example, I helped with the logistics and interpreting the 16th Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe (16th Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Conference), which is the largest Feminist Conference in Latin America. This experience not only fulfilled my personal goals of becoming more involved in activism, but also taught me important skills on how to create and run an event with more than 2,000 people participating.

On top of this experience, Montevideo provided a vast amount of resources to get involved in the country’s most prominent social issues. Montevideo is the epicenter of everything going on in Uruguay and is small enough to allow easy access to participate. Because of this, the friends I met in university were already involved in local activist events and they were friendly enough to let me participate with them. I was also able to connect with a scholarship program for high school students and spend the weekends helping organize educational activities. These pastimes greatly improved my knowledge of social issues in the region and my Spanish.

Overall, Middlebury in Montevideo gave me the resources to directly pursue my interests. I could not imagine a better way to spend my junior fall and I know the skills is gained in Montevideo will transfer to what I want to pursue professionally.