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History in Translation is an experiential learning program of the CCE offered each summer. Students from diverse linguistic, cultural, and educational contexts gather as a cohort to explore an historical experience or event in service of present- day social justice - and the vision of an equitable and inclusive future.

As a deliberately intercultural, cohort-based model supported by the Conflict Transformation Collaborative at Middlebury College, all History in Translation programs  - regardless of annual topics - support participants to further develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to navigate personal, interpersonal, and structural conflicts constructively.

Applications for History in Translation 2024 are now open! Please apply by March 17, 2024.

Apply here now! Applications are due March 17.

Email Kristen at if you have questions.

Program Description

In the summer of 2022, undergraduates from Middlebury College and International Christian University gathered for an experiential exploration of the impacts and lessons (past and present) of Executive Order 9066. Since recognized as an enduring and brutally impactful violation of civil rights, Executive Order 9066 was issued in 1942 by then U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in response to a fear of subterfuge by Japanese Americans living on the West Coast. The order entailed the mass incarceration of over 100,000 civilians of Japanese descent, the majority of whom were American citizens.

Collaborative work created through the 2022 History in Translation program can be viewed here, including pictures and videos, translated documents, and more.

The summer 2023 program was a collaboration between CCE, the Middlebury School of Abenaki, and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Māori Office, University of Waikato. This was an affinity learning and engagement space with a focus on language reclamation and an exchange of Indigenous, First Nation, Native, American Indian, and Māori language, history and culture.

Summer 2024 Program Details

The summer 2024 program will be a collaboration with Jiran, with a focus on college, work, and career aspirations and opportunities for recently arrived refugee and immigrant students. Undergraduates from multiple college partners will gather with and support high school students from in and around New Britain, Connecticut as they learn about local (and not so local) college, work, and career opportunities; and how best to prepare for – and pursue – one’s post-secondary goals. This program is designed for high school students who are Multilingual learners - and whose families have recent refugee and/or immigration experience. It is designed for college students who are interested in college access and success, work and career counseling, mentoring, intercultural competence, language education, collaboration skills, and/or learning more about immigration and refugee policy – and its impacts. 

Program activities will include hands-on experiences and connections with employers, post-secondary educators, and college admissions professionals; college, work, and career goal setting; skill-building sessions to align with participants’ individualized goals (such as English language tutoring, college essay writing, driver’s license test preparation, resume writing etc.); workshops on intercultural competence and communication; interpersonal conflict; and refugee and immigrant advocacy. High school and college students will learn together as the college students also engage as post-secondary mentors. 

The in-person component of the program will take place over 10-14 days in mid-to-late June (in Connecticut). On-line introductions and preparation will happen in April and May (2-4 hours per month); and participants will continue to meet on-line after our June in-person period - once per month for a minimum of six months (July – December) to support the high school student participants as they further their college, work, and career goals. Acceptance to this program, for high school and college participants, requires a commitment to these extended activities.

Cost Details

This will be a non-residential program for high school participants. Undergraduate participants will be provided shared housing in New Britain at no cost. Program-related travel, food, and supplies will be provided, at no charge, to all participants. History in Translation is supported by the Conflict Transformation Collaborative at Middlebury College, and there are no fees to participate.

Participants will be responsible for transportation to and from their airport of departure/return; and all expenses associated with visa and/or passport fees, overseas travel insurance, and any testing, certifications, quarantine or other costs related to COVID protocols and requirements.

Application & Timeline

Applications are now open for the Summer 2024 History in Translation program. Apply before March 17, 2024!

If you have questions, please contact Kristen Mullins at

Other Requirements

Participants must comply with all Middlebury College risk management protocols throughout the program; including but not limited to COVID policy – such as proof of vaccination and booster status. Program participants are also required to demonstrate appropriate medical insurance coverage; including international travel insurance for those traveling from outside the United States.