| by Derek Doucet and AJ Place

Students, Faculty, Staff, Fall 2021

Dear Bread Loaf Residents,

We’re writing to provide details about what to expect while living on the Bread Loaf campus this fall. Bread Loaf will offer a vibrant, active, and connected community for approximately 65 students. Students at Bread Loaf will enjoy the same support from their deans, the Center for Health and Wellness, and other service providers their peers housed on the main campus will. This message contains detailed information about shuttles, dining, safety and security, and much more. 


The Bread Loaf campus is a 25-minute drive from Middlebury in Ripton, Vermont. The GPS location found in most Internet map tools is 4229 Route 125, Ripton, Vermont 05766. The nearest airport is located in Burlington, Vermont (BVT), about an hour and 20 minutes from the Bread Loaf Campus.

A Bread Loaf campus map may be viewed HERE.


Early Arrival Period 

During the early arrival period (prior to Saturday, September 11), shuttle service is by sign-up only, using this form

During the Semester

Beginning September 11, shuttles will run on an hourly basis between the Bread Loaf campus, the Marriott and the main campus during the following hours:

  • Sunday and Monday: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Tuesday through Thursday: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday: 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. (Saturday and Sunday mornings)

The times listed above are the first departures from Bread Loaf in the mornings and the last departures to Bread Loaf in the evenings. A full schedule of departure times is in development and will be available by September 11. 

Pick-up / Drop-off points

Shuttles pick up and drop off at the following locations:

  • In front of the Bread Loaf Inn along Route 125
  • Directly in front of the main entrance to the Marriott
  • Adirondack Circle

Other Important Notes About Shuttle Service

  • Shuttles will wait a maximum of five minutes from their scheduled pick-up time at each location.
  • Shuttle vehicles will be a combination of Middlebury College vans, and buses from Premier Coach/Vermont Translines.


Campus Parking Passes

Bread Loaf students may register for their free parking permit online. Once registered, students will be able to print their permits. Permits are only valid for the semester. Please contact parking@middlebury.edu with any questions. 

Parking at Bread Loaf

Parking is available in the large lot adjacent to the main barn (shared with Rikert Nordic Center) and in the driveway of Frothingham for residents of that building. Please observe all parking signs. Parking on Route 125 is strongly discouraged for safety reasons.


Main Campus

Students living at Bread Loaf are on the Unlimited Meal Plan and free to eat in dining halls on the main campus as desired. 

Bread Loaf Campus

Dining at Bread Loaf, which commences for early arrivals with breakfast on September 7, will include continental breakfast (7 to 10 a.m.) and dinner (5 to 7 p.m.) each day. Dining Services will also provide a variety of additional items accessible at any point during the day and evening including premade sandwiches, salads, snacks, and beverages. Lunch also is provided on the main campus. 

Safety and Security

  • The Department of Public Safety (DPS) may be reached at 802-443-5911 in the event of an emergency. DPS can activate on-call residential life staff, on site security, Bread Loaf facilities staff, or local first responders.
  • Security concerns may also be brought to the front desk staff person in the Inn (until 11 p.m. each night) or the night watch staff, stationed at the front desk and making periodic campus rounds from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Just as on the main campus, calling 911 is always an option and in the event of an immediate emergency such as a fire, is the fastest way to alert responders. The Ripton Volunteer Fire Department is the first responder for fire and medical emergencies. They are supported by Middlebury Ambulance and other regional, mutual aid partners. Law enforcement services are provided by the Vermont State Police.

We also have thorough evacuation and shelter in place plans prepared for major events. 


There are two Community Assistants (CA) living at the Bread Loaf Inn. These are students who serve as community leaders and mentors within the residence halls. They work to foster a sense of community, educate students on community standards, uphold residential policies, and help connect students with campus resources.

Additionally, there is a Residence director (RD) living at Bread Loaf. RDs are professional staff that live on campus and work to build supportive and inclusive residential communities. They oversee and support the work of our Residential Life student staff in fostering connection, work with the Office of Community Standards to address student behavioral concerns, and provide after-hours emergency support for students. They also collaborate closely with deans and other campus partners to support students and connect them with important resources.

For times when the Bread Loaf RD is not on site, a rotating schedule of other senior professionals will be available at Bread Loaf. They may be contacted in an emergency by calling Public Safety at 802-443-5911.

Health Services

Bread Loaf Students will continue to have access to all of Middlebury’s health care services including:

Mail and Packages

Students will be assigned a mailbox at Bread Loaf rather than the main campus. Letters and packages may be mailed directly to Bread Loaf at (Student name and box number) 229 Route 125, Bread Loaf Campus, Ripton VT 05766. 


The laundry room at Bread Loaf (shown on the campus map adjacent to College Inn Rd.) will be open through the early arrival period (prior to September 11). Bread Loaf residents will receive additional information about free Midd Wash n’ Carry service starting the first week of classes. 



We have enhanced the connectivity at the Bread Loaf campus, and there is excellent wifi coverage at all residential buildings in use. 

Cell Phone

Cell phone coverage also has been improved. There is a Verizon repeater on sight, providing coverage to the entire Inn and immediate surroundings. The recent wifi upgrades have also made wifi calling an excellent option and we suggest that students enable it.  

Land lines

  • Inn front desk staff are responsible for receiving incoming calls 802-443-2700 from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. 
  • Emergency communications (public safety and 911) are available by using the landlines positioned on each floor of the Inn. 
  • Staff have access to additional emergency communications, by both radio and satellite phone if needed. 


There is a College-networked middcolor printer in the Inn.

Programming, Recreation and Fitness

Hall Programming

Our goal is to create a vibrant community at Bread Loaf with activities both for residents and those who live on the main campus. Your RD and CAs have a programming budget and are eager to hear from you about what you’d like to see. They’ll be in touch after arrival to co-create the programming schedule with you! 

Fire pits

Warm up and hang out with friends next to one of the fire pits positioned outside the Inn!

Middlebury Outdoor Programs (MOP)

MOP has established a “satellite office” at Bread Loaf, offering free equipment borrowing, outdoor activities and skill instruction for you to make the most of your Breadloaf experience:

MOP September Outdoor Activities - registration will be available at GO/Outdoors

  • 9/16 - Group hike to Burgin Lodge (a cabin in your backyard!)
  • 9/18 - 9/19 - Wilderness First Aid Course
  • 9/18 - Stand-up Paddleboarding @ Lake Dunmore
  • 9/24 - Introduction to Rockclimbing @ Falls of Lana
  • 9/25 - Green Mountain Club trail service project
  • 9/30 - Group hike to Burgin Lodge

There will be more events in October, and support for your Fall Break Plans, once we meet and understand your interests!

Rikert Touring Center and the Snow Bowl 

All Bread Loaf residents are eligible for free passes and rental equipment at Rikert and Snow Bowl. A shuttle runs between the main campus, Rikert/Bread Loaf and the Snow Bowl in winter.

Main Campus Perks

Library Lockers

You may register for a locker in the Davis Family Library, free of charge, by completing this form. 

We wish you a happy and successful semester and look forward to welcoming you to Bread Loaf.


Derek Doucet

Dean of Students

AJ Place

Associate Dean of Students for Residential Life