Trip Leaders are responsible for communicating emergency situations to their sponsoring office ASAP.

If the trip sponsor is unavailable please contact Public Safety at (802) 443-5911.

Please be prepared to communicate the following:

  • The nature of the emergency.
  • Your alternative plans.
  • The best means to contact you.

Mechanical Problems

For a Middlebury College Vehicle

During Office Hours (Mon-Fri, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm):
Call the Vehicle Rental Office at (802) 443-5462.

After Hours:
For roadside assistance, Middlebury College uses National Automobile Fleet Rescue. A pamphlet with information and calling instructions is provided in each college rental vehicle.

For a Non-College Vehicle

Call the rental agency and ask how to proceed. Their phone number is on your copy of the rental agreement.

If further assistance is needed contact Public Safety (802) 443-5133 or 5911.


The registered driver of any College-owned or College-arranged rental vehicle is responsible for immediately following the protocols outlined below.

On Campus

  • If anyone is injured, call 911.
  • Notify the Department of Public Safety at (802) 443-5911 and the Enterprise Risk Management Office at (802) 443-5504. Public Safety must investigate and, if necessary, they will notify the local police. Public Safety will notify the Dean of Students/Student Life Office if students are involved.

Off Campus

  • If anyone is injured, call 911.
  • Contact the local law enforcement agency and provide them with information about the accident and the College’s insurance information (provided below). Please request a copy of the accident report.
  • Obtain the name, address, telephone number, and insurance information from any other parties involved.
  • Contact the Department of Public Safety at (802) 443-5911 and the Enterprise Risk Management Office at (802) 443-5504 if you are involved in an accident that results in a personal injury or major property damage. Report all information relating to the nature of the injuries or damage.
  • If another vehicle is required to safely transport people back to Middlebury College, Public Safety will contact the department head or Vehicle Rental Coordinator to make arrangements.

College Insurance Provider
Travelers Insurance
One Tower Square
Hartford, CT  06183
(800) 328-2189
Policy # 810-4T516567-23-14-G

Accidents that do not result in personal injury and major property damage must be reported to the Vehicle Rental Coordinator immediately upon your return to campus at (802) 443-5462. (See back page for additional information and College phone numbers.)

Contact Information

  • Public Safety: 802-443-5911
  • Campus Activities: 802-443-3103
  • Facilities Vehicle Rentals: 802-443-5462
  • Insurance Representative: 802-443-5504

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