Payroll is responsible for biweekly payroll for faculty, students and staff and compliance with federal and state regulations. Payroll strives to process timely and accurate payments to all Middlebury employees.

Frequently Asked Questions


All employees are paid biweekly; the pay period is two weeks starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday.


Paychecks are issued on Friday of each pay week. There are no exceptions to this policy.


All paychecks are delivered to campus addresses. Exceptions to this policy are:

  • Employees out on disability
  • Faculty members on sabbatical
  • Faculty/Staff abroad
  • Employees working out of state
  • Very short term employees who leave campus before their only payroll is run (summer camp staff, special hires on campus for a single event)

Contact Human Resources to have your time submitted and approved; Payroll cannot submit your time for you.


Please submit the online Stop Payment/Reissue form. If you are a student, please submit the student’s version of the Stop Payment/Reissue form.


Middlebury does not advance pay. See College Handbook section 5.3.

Additional Payroll Resources


Not finding your answer? Middlebury payroll leverages the services of GMHEC for payroll processing. If you have other questions about payroll please contact GMHEC payroll at:


Finance Office
152 Maple Street
Marble Works, Suite 102
Middlebury, VT 05753