Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for processing and paying all vouchers and invoices for Middlebury. For more information, see the Finance Knowledge Base (GMHEC) reference guide and the Procurement Knowledge Base (GMHEC) reference guide.

All expense reports and PCard reconciliations will be completed electronically via Oracle (not PaymentNet). Non-Pcard items may be purchased via Oracle. Please see Oracle Finance Resources for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions


Reference Guide: Expense Reports (Updated 6/3/21)


Reference Guide: P-Card (Updated 6/3/21)

Reference Guide: Reconciling Multiple P-Card Transactions (Updated 6/3/21)


Visit the GMHEC accounts payable website or call (802) 443-2321.

Email only for AP and Procurement-related questions. For expedited check requests, type “Time Sensitive” in the subject line.

For Oracle support, email


Select this link to get to the GMHEC knowledge base

Then, use the “Services” drop-down in the Accounts Payable Services section.