About the Program

Established in 2019, the Technology Fellowship Program is a rotational career development program for recent college graduates and/or soon-to-be-college graduates interested in careers in information technology.  Participants are employees of ITS (not interns), paid competitive salaries, and are eligible for Middlebury benefits. 

The Technology Fellowship Development Program offers participants opportunities to have a direct impact on technology at Middlebury by contributing to the development and support of Middlebury’s IT services. Participants will learn about technology trends in higher education, partner with key community members (such as students, faculty, and staff), and gain new skills while working side-by-side with seasoned IT professionals.  

The rotational program is for a 3-year period.  At the end of every year, participants and ITS leadership will discuss their next assignment within ITS, matching their interests with current services. This provides participants an opportunity to work in a variety of IT areas including web development, application development, infrastructure services, service desk, media services, Information security, etc.


Applicants must be recent graduates and have a bachelor’s degree awarded no later than July in the year they are hired.  All degree programs are accepted; computer science or IT-related degrees are preferred but not required. Knowledge and experience in information technology are preferred but not required.  International applicants must be authorized to work in the United States.  

The Technology Fellows Program offers participants an excellent opportunity to get exposure to a wide variety of ITS services.  The program emphasizes collaboration with the campus community, thus the applicants should be organized and have excellent oral and written communication skills. The ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups is essential, along with an enthusiasm for exploring how technology can support teaching and learning.  Knowledge of programming is desirable but not required for development roles.

Typical Program Timelines

  • November to February  - Job postings made available (subject to funding)
    • Note: This will take you to Middlebury’s job portal. Please search “tech fellows” to find available positions.
  • February to April - Selected applicants invited to interview
  • May  - Offers extended
  • July - First-year rotation begins

ITS Staff members hired since 2019

Laurel St. Claire (2019)

“The Tech Fellowship allowed me to gain a deeper understanding about how different areas of IT fit together as well as build relationships with my colleagues in ITS and other departments. I really enjoyed how much the fellowship focused on building new skills and enjoyed being able to explore how my interests and strengths could fit into the different roles within an IT organization. The fellowship allowed me to figure out and focus in on my interests.”

Colin Fitzgerald (2019)

The Tech Fellowship at Middlebury is a great way to jump into the world of Information Technology. As someone who had a bit of experience through my college work-study but lacked the formal training to move into IT, this position has enabled me to make that change. Over the past two years I have been able to work in both client facing positions at the Help Desk as well as back-end work in telephony and networking, which allowed me to see the whole range of support offered by an IT department. If you are looking to transition into IT or are just starting out, the college environment is the best place to learn since we support it all from students gaming on personal devices, to live streaming athletic events, to laboratory support for the college’s researchers, and everything in between.

Brendan Gordy (2020)

“The Technology Fellow program is an excellent opportunity that Middlebury provides, it exposes the Technology Fellow to a broad spectrum of the ITS world and allows them to gain meaningful experience in a variety of skillsets. For those with a passion for working with technology, it can allow a broader understanding of the various disciplines before the Fellows dive deeper in a particular area, exposing the Fellows to challenges and opportunities they may have never even considered. The rotational nature of the program also allows the Fellows to meet and interact with a much larger cross-section of the ITS team, building relationships and partnerships along the way.”


Brandon DeBella (2022)


Jamie Robertson (2022)


More Information

All inquiries and requests for more information can be directed to Carol Peddie (peddie@middlebury.edu), Director of Career Development, Community Outreach and, Finance or CiO@middlebury.edu.

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