In 2014 we moved most of our online forms into two Drupal 7 sites, and, but support for Drupal 7 will end in November 2021 and the system that we used to manage permissions for these forms will not be part of our Drupal 8 environment. We now have access to new form-building solutions from Google and Microsoft that we did not have in 2014. These services offer many of the same features as the Drupal webform system and surpass it in some areas. Over the next eighteen months, we’ll be asking you to move forms from the Drupal forms sites into another system. You can get a head start on this now with new form creation tools from Google and Microsoft.

We’ve put together documentation on how to backup the data from your current form, create a new version in one of several platforms, and embed them in your website. As of today, Google and Microsoft forms can be embedded in any page on,, and We have also created a short questionnaire to help you pick the best platform for your forms.

All of this documentation can be found at

We know that many areas are under extra pressure right now and don’t want you to feel as if this is one more thing you need to worry about immediately. We’ll keep you updated over the next eighteen months on ways we can help you move to our new supported services. But we wanted to provide this notice and information now for people who are able to get a head start on this work.

If you have any questions about using these form creation services, please send us a ticket.