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We support a variety of web-based form creation services that allow you to collect information from people visiting our sites. In most cases, you can use Microsoft Forms or Google Forms, which are included in Middlebury’s enterprise subscriptions. Basic surveys can also be created with these two services, while more advanced surveys can use Qualtrics. Marketing and inquiry forms are best handled with one of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

Please note that Data Classification Policy Level 3 (DCP-L3) data is not allowed to be collected by the form creation services discussed here. If you have a need to collect DCP-L3 sensitive or confidential information (as defined by Middlebury’s Data Classification Policy) or have an advanced use not covered by any of these services, please contact ITS to discuss your needs in more detail.

Drupal Webforms, the Legacy System

During the migration to Drupal 7 in 2014, we created forms.middlebury.edu and forms.miis.edu and moved all forms to these sites from other Drupal sites, WordPress, and some community web spaces. Support for Drupal 7 will end in November 2021 and the system that we used to manage access control to these forms will not be part of our Drupal 8 environment.

We now have access to new form-building solutions from Google and Microsoft that we did not have in 2014. These services offer many of the same features as the Drupal webform system and surpass it in some areas. For instance, both support web-based spreadsheet views of results, the upload of much larger files, and integration with other parts of their platforms, such as SharePoint and Flow in Microsoft’s case.

Middlebury now has CRM tools like Salesforce to handle inquiry and marketing forms and Qualtrics for people who would like to create client or community surveys.

For these reasons, we are asking that all forms in use on forms.middlebury.edu and forms.miis.edu move to a new system prior to November 1, 2021 so that we may retire these systems without incurring the additional cost of long term support contracts when the community security coverage period ends.

How to Migrate your Form

If you no longer need your form and do not wish to create a new copy, please skip to the Delete your Old Form section below. It is important that you complete this step so that we know which forms are no longer in use.

Before you turn off your current form, we recommend you create and test the new version. See the Form Options section below to review the services we offer and find the best one for your form, then recreate it in that service and keep the link to use in the rest of this migration guide.

Redirect to the New Form

  1. Log into the forms site at either https://forms.middlebury.edu/user or https://forms.miis.edu/user.
  2. Browse to the page which has the old version of your form. If you see “/node/######” at the end of the URL, remove that text and press Enter so that you’re on the page, rather than the individual form.
  3. In the blue Content section of the editing bar at the top of the Page, click Add.
  4. Select Redirector from the list of content type options.
  5. Enter the URL of your new form in the Destination URL text field and click the Save button.

Backup your Data

  1. Ensure that you are viewing the old version of your form and are logged in.
  2. Click the View submissions link below the form.
  3. Click the Download link in the green Results tab at the top of the page.
  4. The default options on this page will download all of your data to an Excel file, which we recommend, but you can change those settings if you wish.
  5. Click the Download button. This will save the file to your desktop computer. Please review our File Storage options to find an appropriate place for long-term backup. If your form collected Level 3 data as defined in the Data Classification Policy, please contact us to determine the best storage system for your backup.

If your form allowed people to upload files, the Excel file you downloaded will have links to those files, but those links will stop working when we turn off the Drupal webform service after November 2021. If you need copies of these files, please create a Helpdesk ticket and include a link to your old form. Do not follow the rest of this guide until the ticket is resolved.

Delete the Old Form

We will take forms.middlebury.edu and forms.miis.edu offline in November 2021 and you will no longer be able to access them or the data they’ve collected. We will periodically audit the list of published forms before then and remind you to migrate the form. To assist in this audit, we’re requesting that you delete your form after you’ve migrated it and it’s no longer in use.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, please delete your old form. We will periodically scan the forms sites for those forms which have not been deleted and ask offices to migrate or delete them. By deleting the form, you’ve let us know that you’ve completed this work and no longer need to be contacted about it.

  1. Ensure that you are viewing the old version of your form and are logged in.
  2. Click the Delete link below the form.
  3. Click the Delete button to confirm that you want to delete the form.

This places the form in the Recycle Bin, which is sufficient to indicate that you’ve completed the forms migration and deletion work. If you wish, you can click on the [Recycle bin] link in the left navigation and then Empty recycle bin in the green Page section of the editing bar at the top of the page. Doing this will completely remove the form, it’s submission data, and any files associated with it from our server and we will not be able to recover this data.

Form Options

Most forms can be created in either Google Forms or Microsoft Forms. We sync all of our accounts and groups to both of these services so that you can use your account to create forms and share both viewing and editing access to just those at Middlebury who need it. These are evolving services and may have features now that they lacked when you last tried to use them. If your Google or Microsoft form is public, you can embed it in our Drupal sites and if it requires a login, you can link to it from your site.

We recommend you use either of the Google or Microsoft services you’re most familiar with, but also understand that you may have an advanced use case not covered by one of these services or may not be familiar with their options. You can narrow down the options by answering the questions below.

Does your form collect any Level 2 or Level 3 data as defined by the Data Classification Policy?

Please review the Data Classification Policy.

Based on your answers

First, consider whether you need to collect this information electronically, as part of the form. An alternative would be to collect the non-sensitive information and follow-up with the person over the phone to collect the few additional pieces you need. This allows you to use whichever form creation tool you prefer.

Level 3 data is not allowed to be collected by the form services discussed here. Please contact ITS to discuss your project needs in more detail.

If you are collecting Level 2 data, you may be able to use one of these tools. You should first discuss this with the Data Steward responsible for the information you plan to collect and get their approval to collect the information, then contact ITS to discuss your form in more detail. Include a link to your existing form or a PDF copy of the form you would like to create.

Are you conducting a survey as part of your academic work, as part of an institutional outreach or internal project?

Based on your answers

Qualtrics is a robust survey creation tool that will best meet your needs. In order to use this tool you must complete a short training course. Please contact DLINQ to get started with Qualtrics.

Do you need to limit your form such that only particular individuals or groups at Middlebury can submit responses?

Or is it sufficient to require a Middlebury account in order to submit the form, with the understanding that you can turn on tracking for form submissions and we can assist with individuals who abuse the form submission process?

Based on your answers

Please contact ITS to discuss your form in more detail. Include a link to your existing form or a PDF copy of the form you would like to create.

Do you need to allow people without Middlebury accounts to upload files to your form?

Based on your answers

Though the default setting is to require a Middlebury account, you can configure Google Forms to allow people with either a Middlebury account, a Google account associated with another business or institution, or an individual Gmail account to upload files. Respondents will be asked to log in or create a new account if they do not have one of the above account types.

Does your form include a checkbox grid (multiple columns and rows of checkboxes in a single question), a radio button grid (multiple columns and rows of checkboxes in a single question), or a question that asks for the time in hours and minutes?

Based on your answers

Grid question types are only supported in Google Forms, so we recommend you use that service to create your form. For the time field, you could create a basic text field in Microsoft Forms and ask for that information, but you can’t ensure a consistent format and validation of the answer, as Google Forms provides.

Do you need to allow specific individuals access to view responses and/or edit your form?

Based on your answers

We recommend that you use Google Forms. You can invite multiple individuals and groups to edit your view and view responses in the same way you share Google Docs. Microsoft Forms allows you to restrict access to members of a single group, but is less accommodating if you need to share access beyond that one group.

NOTE: Microsoft Forms will add this feature before the end of June 2020.

Do you need to allow users to return and edit their response after they have submitted the form?

Based on your answers

We recommend that you use Google Forms. You will need to require respondents to log in to submit the form. Microsoft Forms does not include this feature at this time.

Do you need people other than yourself to be notified when the form is submitted?

Do you need to control who is notified by email of form responses based on the answer to a question in your form?

Based on your answers

We recommend that you use Microsoft Forms. With its Flow integration you can choose who receives emails from a form based on the response to a question.

Do you need to receive the form submission details in the notification email, or is an email with a link to the submission details sufficient?

Based on your answers

We recommend that you use Microsoft Forms. With its Flow integration you can choose to include form data in the submission email.

Based on your answers

We recommend that you use Google Forms. Each individual who wishes to receive response notifications from the form can sign in and choose that option. There is also an Add On provided by Google that allows you to specify which accounts receive notifications.

If you create a Microsoft Form as a Group Form, you can send notifications to the group, but there are important considerations about how this works and you should review the documentation for email settings of Microsoft Forms before choosing this option. You can also use the Microsoft Flow integration to handle advanced email routing, but this requires more work to set up.

Based on your answers

Based on your answers, you can create your form in either Google Forms or Microsoft Forms. If you are already using one of these tools and are familiar with it, we recommend using that service. Otherwise, please review the documentation for each and pick the one you believe best meets your needs.

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