Last week we moved the servers that hold a cached copy of our Drupal sites to Fastly. When a page on one of our Drupal sites is requested, we send a copy to Fastly, which distributes that copy to its worldwide networks of servers where it is kept until one of our editors updates that page or we make a code change that requires it to update.

This means that someone requesting a page on our site from their home anywhere in the world will now likely see a copy of it served from a machine in their region or country, rather than needing to send a signal all the way to Middlebury, Vermont and back. Additionally, if our Middlebury data center is unavailable or having issues, the copies of the pages stored in Fastly will continue to be served without interruption.

If you are logged into the site as an editor, or if you’re using one of our Drupal sites that requires you to log in to see personalized content, like the Course Hub, you will bypass the cached content in Fastly and view fresh content served by our on-campus machines.

We hope this provides a faster and more reliable browsing experience for people viewing our Drupal sites.


  • MediaWiki 1.31.15
  • WordPress enhanced-tooltipglossary plugin 3.9.17
  • WordPress sydney-toolbox plugin 1.16
  • WordPress the-events-calendar plugin 5.8.0
  • WordPress sydney theme 1.78

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed a template error that caused the Course Hub search page to fail.
  • Corrected a table display error on the new Slate designs.

Information Technology Services
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