We have added the Classic Editor WordPress plugin to sites.middlebury.edu and sites.miis.edu. You can enable this on your site to use the classic WordPress editor instead of the new block editor which was added in WordPress 5. Initially, we did not add this option because the plugin forced all sites on the network to use the classic editor and we wanted to set the default for sites to be the block editor, which wasn’t possible. The plugin has since been updated so that it can be enabled on individual sites, allowing us to make this available for editors who prefer it.

ID card photos are now stored in a new, central database, but still read through the Directory’s API. If you would like to update you photo, you can use the Directory’s photo upload page. New photos can also be submitted through this page, replacing an old Drupal form.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • Launched a new site for the Center for Careers and Internships.
  • The “Was this page helpful?” component is now available on all Drupal 8 sites.
  • You can now use the Top Level content type anywhere in the hierarchy of your Drupal 8 site and the menu will show only the page’s immediate children, even if you are not using the Top Level content type at the top of the menu hierarchy. An example of this can be seen in the Study Abroad office’s site.
  • All RSS feeds of stories in Drupal 8 sites now include only the blurb in the description area and have better defaults for other RSS attributes.
  • Adobe Sign forms can now be used in the Embed component for Drupal 8 sites.
  • The Middlebury Institute site now has a Video Group component which can include videos shown with a “portrait” aspect ratio. This functionality was originally developed for student testimonials in the Middlebury College Admissions site.
  • Concerto now uses LDAPS to authenticate users.
  • Upgraded the PHP environment on the webservers that host our applications to the latest PHP 7.4 release, ensuring ongoing compatibility with new application versions as well as the availability of security patches.

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