All of our Drupal 8 sites now have the option to add lists of events from the central Event Calendar to Basic Content and Top Level pages. The Curated Event Calendar List component provides a search field for you to cherry-pick the events you want to list from the calendar and craft an event page on your site featuring those items in whatever order you choose. The Dynamic Event Calendar List component allows you to create a list to show up to 50 events tagged with a single or multiple organization, event type, or location. For example, you could choose to show the next 10 events sponsored by the Chaplain’s Office that take place in Mead Chapel and are open to the public.


  • Drupal block_field 8.x-1.0-rc2
  • Drupal convert_bundle 8.x-1.0-alpha7
  • Drupal webform 7.x-4.24
  • WordPress co-authors-plus plugin 3.4.6
  • WordPress disqus-comment-system plugin 3.0.22
  • WordPress foogallery plugin 2.0.35
  • WordPress nextgen-gallery plugin 3.11
  • WordPress the-events-calendar plugin 5.7.0
  • WordPress wp-saml-auth plugin 1.2.3
  • WordPress sydney theme 1.77

Fixes and Tweaks

  • The Searchable Course Catalog did not update correctly between May 17 and the 27th. We’ve updated the process that moves data from Banner to this application’s database to support the over 2GB of course description data that now needs to be updated.
  • Improved the process that handles photo uploads in the Online Directory to better fix the rotation of images uploaded from camera phones, removing the rotational data added by the device’s gyroscope and saving the result as a JPG rather than a bitmap file.
  • Added support for MapMe to the Middlebury iFrame WordPress plugin.
  • Updated the Branford Magazine PRO WordPress theme to support the Co-Authors Plus plugin.
  • Removed the code from GO’s login page that provides a fallback to LDAP authentication, which we do not use and was generating errors.
  • Updated the redirect for to point to a new page.

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