This week we updated the theme for the Middlebury Institute to match the design used by Middlebury’s other schools. This is the first time since the adoption of a content management system for Middlebury’s website in 2002 that all of its schools are using the same design theme. Parts of the undergraduate college site, notably Academics, are still in our 2010 design, but are in the process of moving to the same design used by the Institute and other schools with significant portions, such as undergraduate admissions, student life, giving, and sustainability already migrated.


  • Drupal bricks 2.0.1
  • Drupal upgrade_status 8.x-3.10
  • WordPress akismet plugin 4.1.12
  • WordPress enhanced-tooltipglossary plugin 3.9.21
  • WordPress cryout-theme-settings plugin 0.5.13
  • WordPress seriously-simple-podcasting plugin 2.8.2
  • WordPress editorial-calendar plugin 3.7.11

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Helped launch the new Fall 2021 Campus Guide.
  • Fixed an issue that preventing saving a profile if the person’s Active Directory record has a malformed telephone number.
  • Corrected the description text for the Top Level content type to note that the navigation menu is normally on the left, not right.
  • Post-switch Institute theme issues:
    • Ensured that the template file used for the Institute homepage is only loaded for that site to resolve an issue on the Language Schools homepage.
    • Created a custom template for the Institute’s profiles to show related programs, centers, news, and events.
    • Only show one menu on the CoLab site by removing the larger Academics site menu.
    • Remove the emptiness check from the template to ensure that the Institute site’s Event List component displays in production.
    • Add the date picker back to the Institute’s events calendar.
    • Create templates for the new course list styles to profiles to support Institute faculty.
    • Added the MIIS favicon.
    • Revert to using a custom template for the sub-site newsrooms on the Institute site as the generic version used by our other schools was only working for Careers and broken in other cases, such as CBE.
    • Allow users with the Site Administrator role to manage most menus.
    • Ensure that all fields on the Pardot inquiry forms for program sites are required.
    • Update the program list for the Pardot inquiry forms to add two new programs.
    • Duplicate the header menu in the navigation drawer region to allow the menu to display on mobile device viewports.
    • Added a template for the search results page with the Institute’s Google Custom Search Engine code.

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