What I Learned at MiddCORE

“MiddCORE helped me to understand that leadership is not a characteristic that people are born with. Leadership is not something that is found but rather, something that is created within someone through recognition of potential and an opportunity to practice.”
- Steven Kasparek (MiddCORE Graduate)

“I feel more confident, more self-assured, and more aware of the environment around me. I think I will be a much better team member and a leader because of MiddCORE.”
- Kelly Benson (MiddCORE Graduate)

“I wish I had done this much sooner. The design thinking process is so applicable in an academic setting. As for post-college, this has been invaluable, and I feel more confident going out in the workforce.”
- Molly Talbert (MiddCORE Graduate)

132 Blinn Lane
Middlebury, VT 05753