MiddCORE student working on project

A Typical MiddCORE Day



Identify three people that can help you further explore a career you are interested in. Dream big. What do you have in common with these three mentors? Who would you have on your dream team if anyone was a possibility? Why would you pick these people? 


  • Courtney Matson

    Managing Partner at BroadBranch Advisors

Cold Calling and Elicitation

Cold-calling and active listening are skills used frequently in market research, sales, journalism, and strategy consulting. Courtney Matson will teach you how to identify and reach key contacts, establish trusting relationships, and ask the types of open-ended questions that will gather desired information.


  • Blake Glenn and Rupert Millington

    Founding Partners at Curious Industry

Where do Insights Come From?

Design thinking calls upon our empathy and our imagination. In this session you will begin by working to understand the needs of the end-users. You will be challenged to tap into your creativity in order to generate insights and to develop solutions to your strategic challenge.


Daily Recap

At the end of the day you will go over what is expect and meet with your team to find a time to connect that afternoon to work on your Strategic Challenge. 

Your Own Team's Time

Work on Your Strategic Challenge

You will be on a team and will be conducting field research each day and gathering insights. You will find time to collaborate and develop your ideas into a presentation for the strategic challenge partner. These times will vary based on your availability. 

Sometimes it is best to talk with someone that has worked with the program to see if it's the right fit for you.

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