Student Testimonials

Hear students speak about their MiddCORE experience.

Michelle Yang—MiddCORE '16

Financial Planning Analyst Amazon

In my current role, I am often the youngest, usually the only non-white, and almost always the only woman in the room. Through MiddCORE and pitching for my startup, Share to Wear, I’ve developed the ability to speak with authority, even when I’m not in a position of power. 

“The flexibility of thought and understanding I learned through MiddCORE has been invaluable as I’ve built my career.”
Steve Kasperek ‘16

Henry Mound—MiddCORE '19

Middlebury College Student

My time at MiddCORE also proved incredibly valuable for my time during LaunchVT’s JumpStart and the process of starting a business. The approach of experiential learning in Monterey prepared me to deal with real-world problems. At the end of my time at Generator, I gave a presentation of my business and a demo of the Lumen smart lights. 

Irene Andrade—MiddCORE '16

Working at a tech startup

I just started working at a tech startup and I have a psychology degree. At MiddCORE, they taught us you could do anything as long as you were willing to learn. Over the years, I have worked in the finance industry, then the food industry, and now in technology. 

Steven Kasparek—MiddCORE '13

PhD in clinical psychology at Harvard University

I’d say my work in research has been greatly improved because of my time at MiddCORE. The flexibility of thought and understanding I learned through MiddCORE has been invaluable as I’ve built my career. In addition, MiddCORE taught me that rather than compartmentalizing various aspects of my interests and identities, I should instead seek to find ways to merge these passions to achieve maximum fulfillment in what I’m doing.

Becca Havian—MiddCORE '16

Bates College Student

MiddCORE has helped me think more strategically about what job market and field I might want to work in. Thanks to everything MiddCORE exposed me to, I now have a much better idea of how to use my strengths to make the most of my remaining college experience as well as when I start my professional career. 

Winson Law—MiddCORE '13

Talent team, Venture For America

MiddCORE inspired me to pursue work after Middlebury that combined elements of innovation and impact. I recruit young people who want to become startup leaders and founders, help select them, onboard them into our fellowship experience, and help match them with startup opportunities across the country. 

Sophia Prud'homme—MiddCORE '16

Middlebury College student

The MiddCORE experience has been life-changing. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my public speaking and general life skills and will absolutely carry that with me into the future. The strategic challenges were a great example of experiential learning and I love when I feel like I am engaged in the real world.

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