Fall 2013

• Rabbi's Reflections
Rabbi Ira Schiffer
Rabbi Ira Schiffer talks about the past year and upcoming events—and he also engages in a little kvelling. read more
• Notes on the Jewish Studies Program

Skype conversations with alumni in Jerusalem, book readings, film screenings, and panel discussions: Professor Robert Schine talks about activities in the Jewish Studies Program. read more
• Student Snapshots

A growing group of Middlebury alumni are living in Israel after leaving Middlebury's Jewish community. read more
• An Interview with the Founder of the Jewish Center

The founder of the Jewish Center, Janine Zacharia ’95, looks back at its formation 20 years ago, in an interview with Dave Yedid ’15. read more
• Graduating Seniors

What Now? Graduating seniors describe their plans after graduation. read more
• News and Updates

What’s stocked with Israeli cookbooks and board games? The new Hebrew House. read more

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