Graduating Seniors: Where Are You Going?

Graduating seniors share their plans for the coming year.

Sarah Cohen

Sarah Cohen ’15

This summer I’ll be working at the Open Hands Initiative, a nonprofit in New York City that runs entrepreneurial projects in developing countries. The organization’s latest initiative focuses on women’s entrepreneurship in Jordan, and I’m so excited to travel to Amman to run its program. Beginning in November, I’ll move to Washington, D.C., where I’ll be working for Raytheon, a major American defense contractor.

Jacob EisenbergJacob Eisenberg ’15

Four years ago, I came to Middlebury with a passion for environmental studies and aspired to make a big impact on our small planet. In the next few weeks, I’ll be starting work at SparkFund, an exciting and innovative finance startup in Washington D.C. This company works hard to provide small businesses the financing necessary to achieve greater energy-efficiency savings. I’m sad to leave Middlebury, but I hope to continue in the pursuit of tikkun olam, the Hebrew phrase meaning to repair our world for the better. For me, this means working on our nation’s energy usage. I also feel lucky that I’ll stay so well connected to many friends and colleagues in the Middlebury community who are also moving to the D.C. area. I look forward to coming back soon, hopefully in time for Shabbos dinner.

Molly KaminskyMolly Kaminsky ’15

After graduation, I’ll be applying to medical school for matriculation in September of 2016. This June, I’m travelling to Israel on Birthright with my twin sister. The last time I was in Israel, I worked on an ambulance for most of my stay, so I’m excited to vacation around the country. Beginning in July, I’ll work as a clinical information manager—or medical scribe—out of the ER of a local New Jersey hospital. In my spare time I’ll continue to work as a crew chief on the Millburn First Aid Squad.

Zach StraussZach Strauss ’15

I’ll be teaching English to Japanese middle schoolers for the next one-to-five years. I’ve been placed in the city of Kumamoto on the southern island of Kyushu, right across a small bay from Nagasaki. It’s going to be tropical, so good thing I’m from Texas. The government sponsors my visa, provides subsidized accommodations, my plane tickets, and a nice salary on top of that. I do not speak Japanese nor have I ever been to Japan, but it should be an adventure. Hopefully, I will come back with knowledge of Japanese language and culture, valuable work and life experience, and great friends.

Dave YedidDavid Yedid ’15

After graduation, I’ll be returning for my fourth summer at Ramah Outdoor Adventure, a Jewish Outdoor adventure camp in Colorado. And this fall, I’ll be a fellow at Mechon Hadar, an egalitarian yeshiva focused on intellectual and spiritual community through intensive learning of Torah, prayer, and community service.