The Summer 2022 History in Translation Project will bring together undergraduates from Middlebury College and International Christian University for an experiential exploration of the impacts and lessons (past and present) of Executive Order 9066.

Since recognized as an enduring and brutally impactful violation of civil rights, Executive Order 9066 was issued in 1942 by then U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in response to a fear of subterfuge by Japanese Americans living on the West Coast. The order entailed the incarceration of over 100,000 civilians of Japanese descent, the majority of whom were American citizens.

History in Translation: An Experiential and Intercultural Exploration of Executive Order 9066 will be a 12-day*, in-person program, taking place in California (United States of America) from late July through early August, with some preliminary (remote) activities in May and June. In-person program activities will include collaborative translation and oral history activities; travel to “War Relocation Center” historic sites, including the Manzanar internment camp in Independence, CA; and on-site service/volunteer activities. While program instruction and facilitation will be conducted in English, the deliberately intercultural nature of the program will provide students the opportunity to work, reflect, and learn as a team diverse in culture, language, and education.

History of the Project

Since 2020, undergraduates from Middlebury College and International Christian University have collaborated on the translation of primary source documents and interviews detailing the experiences of Japanese Americans living under Executive Order 9066. Our summer 2022 History in Translation program will build on these efforts, providing opportunity for students from Japan and students from the United States to gather in shared space and time to 1) further explore and study this history and its lived impacts; 2) identify and consider how and why our assumptions and perspectives on history conflict (and do not); and 3) to understand how the transformational potential of these historical explorations can be applied to the challenges and opportunities of our present - and our work and pursuit of social justice.

Tentative Program Schedule*

May: pre-departure information session (2 hours)

June: pre-program orientation (2-4 hours)

July 25 – July 29: in-person program begins - translation and oral history activities

July 30- August 3: historic sites travel and engagement

August 4-5: program wrap-up – carrying the learning forward

* This is a tentative itinerary and timeline; subject to change.


The program is open to Middlebury and ICU undergraduates, 18 years and older, in the classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025. As program instruction and facilitation will be conducted in English – with an emphasis on reflective dialogue – participants’ English proficiency should allow for regular and active discussion with peers, instructors, and community members.


Reasonable transportation costs to and from California (airport-to-airport); and in-program travel, room, and board will be provided to all Middlebury College and International Christian University students accepted into the 2022 History in Translation program. Participants will be responsible for transportation to and from their airport of departure/return; and all expenses associated with visa and/or passport fees, overseas travel insurance, and any testing, certifications, quarantine or other costs related to COVID protocols and requirements.

Application & Timeline

Applications are due on or before March 27, 2022. Applicant interviews will be conducted between April 4 -15; acceptance decisions will be made the week of April 18; and participation confirmed by April 25. A required post-program reflection and presentation will be scheduled for the fall of 2022 and/or spring of 2023. Participants will also be asked to share their experience with others on the Middlebury and/or ICU campus during the 2022-2023 academic year.

The application can be accessed here. Please submit your application before the end of the day March 27, 2022 Eastern Standard Time (United States).

Other Requirements

Participants must comply with Middlebury College COVID policy throughout the program; including but not limited to proof of vaccination and booster status. Program participants are also required to demonstrate appropriate medical insurance coverage; including international travel insurance for those traveling from outside the United States.

History in Translation 2022 is a collaborative project of, the Middlebury College Center for Community Engagement, Middlebury School in Japan, the Japanese Studies Department, and Middlebury Institute of International Studies Translation and Interpretation. For more information, contact Kristen Mullins at or Colin Yamaguchi at

Center for Community Engagement
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