Sustainability is at the heart of much of what we do, teach, and value at Middlebury.

Many Middlebury alums have carried a commitment to sustainability directly into their professions—often with national and international impact.

  • How have they been working on the frontlines to achieve a more just, sustainable future?
  • What are their thoughts on tackling some of the world’s most pressing crises?
  • How did they get from Middlebury to where they are today?
  • What can we learn from their achievements, efforts, and setbacks?

This lecture series brings Midd alums back to campus to discuss these issues and more. Each event will be moderated by students. Read about our inaugural event!

Sponsored by Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest, Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, Climate Action Capacity Project, Center for Careers and Internships.

Upcoming Speakers 2023

Check back for more information.

  • Sean Casten ‘93 
  • Peter Hirsh ‘12 

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