MiddCORE student working on project

A Typical MiddCORE Day

Conference Center

Breakfast with Mentors

Participants have breakfast with mentors such as Blake Glenn (Founding Partner of Curious Industries) and Jim Douglas (Former Governor of Vermont)

MIIS Campus

Marc Randolph

Co-founder of Netflix

Innovation Challenge: Where do Ideas Come From?

This workshop session allows participants to talk about the ideation process and what goes into turning a thought into an idea and then into a tangible result. 

MIIS Campus

Lunch with Mentors

Students have lunch with the mentors of the day.

MIIS Campus

Suzie Reider

Managing Director of Broadband Solutions at Google

Launch of Strategic Challenge: Google/ Youtube

Suzie Reider launches the strategic challenge for the week. Students are tasked with working collaboratively to approach the challenge set out by the challenge partner. The participants will then work in teams to address the week's challenge.

Students take a break and spend time networking with mentors and each other. 


James Schonzeit

Design Research Lead, IDEO

Introduction to Design Thinking

Participants workshop their first session in Design Thinking which will form the base of the rest of their experience at MiddCORE.

Conference Center

Dinner with Mentors

Participants have dinner with mentors such as Annie Makela (Founding Director of Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Hillbrook) and Megan Nesbeth (Strategist at frog design).

Conference Center

Finding Your Way

Participants sit down with mentors in an informal session where mentors share their life experiences, answer questions and develop connections. Mentors typically speak about challenges they faced, their accomplishments and talk to students about their career path.

A Glimpse of a MiddCORE Week

Below is a glimpse of what a typical MiddCORE week looks like! Download the Summer 2019 Coursebook for a look at the entire 4 week schedule.

MiddCORE Week 2 Schedule Summer 19
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