Fall 2021 Recorded Series

Recordings are available for the following Faculty at Home webinars that have already happened.  Recordings are available about a week after the webinar.

Will Amidon - Is the Snow Bowl Getting Higher? How recent tectonic events have shaped the New England landscap

This talk will explore recent research findings that address the longstanding question of when and how the mountains of northern New England formed. We rely on geochemical techniques to determine when rocks were brought to the surface by erosion, when fault zones were actively rupturing to create earthquakes, and when ancient volcanoes were active in the region. Results suggest that New England’s rugged landscape is not simply the decayed remnant of an ancient mountain range, but more likely the product of recent tectonic activity.

Who’s Responsible for Our Health? The limits of public health paternalism

COVID-19 is an example of a public health threat in which government interventions reach their current upper limit; beyond that, community protection depends on individual behavior. Many public health problems exist at this interface, pitting community health promotion against individual liberties. In this talk, Pam Berenbaum explores the tensions between paternalism and liberty and how they are resolved (or not) through public health policy, using several examples of interventions, statutes, and public compliance.

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