Fall 2022 Recorded Series

Recordings are available for the following Faculty at Home webinars that have already happened.  Recordings are usually available about a week after the webinar.

Paul Monod—The Magic Lantern from Theatre to Film

The magic lantern was a projection device invented in the 17th century. It was used in theatres to create illusions and special effects. Many of the glass slides used in lantern projection were based on stage productions, from serious plays to pantomimes. The glass slides reflected the class, gender, and racial attitudes found in popular theatres like vaudeville and music halls.

Kemi Fuentes-George—The Art of Storytelling: Narratives, Culture, and Environmental Governance

Learn about the environmental policy implications of the way different communities tell stories about nature in this webinar with Kemi Fuentes-George.

Brett Millier—Emily Dickinson, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and the Wrestle with God

Emily Dickinson and Gerard Manley Hopkins lived their lives in relation to conservative Christian orthodoxy and wrote poems in constant conversation with God. They took very different approaches to the story of Jacob’s wrestle with the angel.

Kate Crawford—Is Your Shampoo Killing You? Understanding PFAS

An integral part of solving “The PFAS Problem” is understanding where PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) are found in the environment, how people are being exposed, and what adverse health effects are associated with PFAS exposure.

Jeffrey Buettner—Choral Commission During Conflict

In May of 2022, Jeffrey Buettner commissioned Ukrainian composer Dmytro Malyi for a work for the Middlebury College Community Chorus. In this talk, Jeff discusses the process of this commission, the present circumstances of this composer and other musicians in Ukraine, and elements of the text and music.

Pete Nelson—Migration response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Pete Nelson analyzed data from mobile devices to examine migration patterns during the early months of the pandemic, revealing clear shifts out of the largest cities into “micropolitan” centers, small towns, and rural regions.

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