The MiddCard is your official form of identification at Middlebury College.

Card Printing Services Moving to Proctor

In an effort to consolidate Middlebury’s card services and provide better service to our community, card printing has been moved to the Dining Services office in Proctor Hall. 

The entrance to the office is on the Hillcrest road side of the building, between the two large evergreen trees.

Questions about card access, lost and stolen cards, should still be directed to Public Safety.

During your time at Middlebury, you will find that using you MiddCard will be an important aspect of your daily life. Students are required to carry their identification card at all times. The card qualifies a student for all privileges afforded to College ID holders, allows students to identify themselves to College officials, and gives them access to residence halls controlled by the Card Access System.

You should protect the card just like a credit card, driver’s license, or other valuable piece of identification.

  • You are expected to take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized use.
  • The cards are the property of the college and should be presented or surrendered to college staff upon request.

Find more information about MiddCard polices in the Middlebury College handbook.

Card Care and Replacement

It is important to keep your card with you at all times and protect your card from damage as much as possible. In the event that your card is lost or damaged, contact the Department of Public Safety Office as soon as possible. If you find your card, you will need to bring your MiddCard to the Access and Parking Services Office in Public Safety in order to reactivate your card. Please note that you will need to keep your card in a safe place while you are away from campus. You will need your card when you return.

  • Email or call the Department of Public Safety to report lost card.
    • Students: There is a Lost or Damaged card fee of $20.00. Replacement cards can be purchased online via credit card. Cards can be picked up at  Campus Services Office in Lower Proctor.
    • Faculty and Staff: Report lost cards to Public Safety. You can request new cards at the Campus Services Office in Lower Proctor. There is no fee.

Temporary Access Cards

A temporary access card can be issued to a cardholder who has lost or forgotten an access card. The temporary card is issued by the Department of Public Safety and is valid for a period of time not to exceed three days. Temporary cards deactivate automatically and will no longer open doors to buildings.

There is a $20.00 fine for failing to return a temporary card to Public Safety within three days. The fine can be paid online.

Contact Information

  • If you need  a new card printed, or have a question about picking up your new card,  contact or (802) 443.5346.
  • If you are having issues with your card at McCardell Bicentennial Hall contact Cathy Ekstrom at or (802) 443-3262. 
  • If you are having issues with your card at Access Card access buildings contact

Frequently Asked Questions


The Access System has a centralized database that houses all student, faculty, & staff permissions. Each individual building houses access permissions for anyone authorized to enter that building in case the connection to the database is severed.

Your ID card uses an RFID Proximity chip to allow access to many residential and academic buildings. When placed near a reader, the chip receives a Radio-Frequency signal which provides enough power to send the card’s unique number back to the reader. The information is processed and access is either granted or denied. Your ID card also has a magnetic strip on the back (commonly known as a Mag-Stripe) for use at the library to check out books and also for access at a few specific locations on campus that Use Mag-Stripe readers.*

Note: Proximity cards do not need to be placed against card readers to function but will usually function within 6” of the reader. This allows many users to store ID cards in wallets or bags and be able to swipe that item instead of taking the card out. This works in most cases but the distance required to be read correctly will vary by individual reader.

 * Mag stripe readers such as Bi-Hall, FIC, Johnson, and other locations are not managed by Public safety. Click here for more information.


Your ID Card serves as identification, is used for dining, allows access into your residence hall and some buildings, events, and also provides you with the ability to check out reference materials from the library.


If your ID card isn’t working to let you into a building, there may be a few different issues:

Your ID card is broken: ID cards use a Micro-chip and Antenna molded into the card itself. If the chip or Antenna is broken, your ID Card won’t work at any buildings (or may provide very sporadic access). Come to public safety to purchase a new ID card.

The system is picking up the wrong card. Many students have multiple ID cards (Language School & Academic year cards, lost one then found it after purchasing a new card, etc.) and only one card will work at the reader. If both cards are stored in a wallet, purse, or backpack and that is swiped in front of a reader, there is a 50/50 chance of the system reading the wrong card and denying you access. This is often the case where a backpack swiped more than once at a reader grants access on the 2nd or 3rd try. The solution is to have the Access and Parking Office determine which card is not active so you can store it in a safe place (away from your active card).
Note: New proximity based Credit cards or ID Cards from other institutions may also be picked up by the access system.

Your card or account has been deactivated or does not have the appropriate permissions. If you have multiple ID Cards (language school, found card, etc.), only one will be active so it is important that you use only the one card. Verify with the Access and Parking Office that the card you have in your possession is the active one and that you have the appropriate access permissions. If you have the wrong card, you will need to come to the Access and Parking Office to have your card reactivated. If your card does not have permission, privileges may be able to be added to your card but will be addressed on a case-by case basis.

The door is not functioning properly. If your card is not working properly at one door but it is working correctly at others, please notify the appropriate individuals.

  • Faculty and Staff should notify Facilities.
  • Students should notify their Commons.
  • After hours, notify Public Safety if it cannot wait until the next business day.

The Building is Offline or not functioning properly. If your card is functioning at other residence halls, but no doors on a particular building that you have been able to enter previously, Notify Public Safety immediately as the access system may be experiencing technical difficulties or may need maintenance.

Student access is not authorized at that location. There are some areas on campus where students have limited or no access and this can vary based upon days, hours, or even minutes. There may also be certain students authorized to enter access controlled areas while others are not. Some examples would be WRMC DJ’s and proctor or “The Campus” editors and Hepburn Basement.


No. ID Cards allow access to the larger dorms  and outer doors to many of the residence halls. Individual doors have a touch code lock and your code is in your on-line housing information along with your room assignment, dates available, etc.


No. For safety purposes, we cannot remotely unlock any access controlled door. If possible, we recommend that you make an appointment with the Access and Parking Office to pick up a temporary access card which will allow you access for 3 days. If you do not feel safe or there is some other reason you cannot come to the office, please call the Public Safety office immediately. We will have the nearest available officer meet you either at your door or escort you back to your residence hall to pick up your card.

More about lockout services.


If you have lost or misplaced your ID Card, Please do the following

  • Contact the Public Safety Office Immediately so it can be deactivated and prevent use by anyone else.
  • Stop by the Public Safety office to pick up a temporary access card if you believe you have misplaced your ID card. Temporary access cards are free for student use for a period of 3 days which should provide enough time to locate your ID card. These cards must be returned to the Public Safety after they are expired to avoid being charged a Temp Card replacement fee.
  • Purchase a new ID. Please check the handbook for the current cost to replace an ID card.

Purchase a new ID. There is a fee for the replacement of student ID Cards. Please check the handbook for the current cost to replace an ID card.


If your ID Card was Stolen, Contact the Department of Public Safety Immediately to have it deactivated and file a report. A stolen ID card means that someone other than you has access to all of the access controlled buildings on campus. Public safety will deactivate the card and mark it as stolen so if it is used, it will generate an alarm in the public safety office. Officers will be dispatched to the last location used in an attempt to locate the individual attempting to use the card.

After you have reported your ID Card as stolen, you may opt to sign out a temporary access card for three days [in case your ID card is found/returned] or you may purchase a new ID Card to replace the stolen one.

If you locate your Stolen ID card:

  • Do Not attempt to use it. (It won’t work, and officers will be dispatched if you do)
  • Take the card to the department of Public safety to have your Incident Report Updated and the card status changed to deactivated.
  • Store the card away in a safe place.

If your card is broken, worn out, or in need of Replacement, new ID Cards can be purchased online. A single ID card should last all 4 years if properly taken care of. The Bookstore offers a number of solutions for keeping your ID card safe and in good condition. In the event that a card needs replacement, the Campus Services Office in lower Proctor can Print new ID cards at the cost of $20 however this price is subject to change. Please refer to the handbook for the latest information.


If you find an ID card for someone else:

  • Do Not Attempt to use the card (as it may have been reported as Stolen).
  • Immediately contact the Access and Parking Office during business hours and then turn it into the Public Safety Office as soon as possible. You may have saved someone else the cost of a replacement ID.

If you find your old ID card, please do the following:

  • If you haven’t purchased a new ID yet, stop by the Public Safety Office to have your card reactivated
  • If you have purchased a replacement ID Card, contact the Public Safety Office to have the card’s status changed from Lost/Stolen to Deactivated. This will prevent alarms from being generated at Public Safety if the card is accidentally used. Also, store your card away in a safe place and do not use it as:
  • The card will not work to allow you access to buildings.
  • It may interfere with your currently functioning card if stored in the same wallet or purse and that is swiped by a reader.
  • It can be reactivated at a later [at no charge]  time if you misplace your new replacement Card.

Unfortunately, no. The ID card materials, printing, and the time to update your record/produce a new card have already been spent so we cannot refund any money. We do recommend that you store the old card in a safe place as it can be reactivated at a later date [at no charge] if your new card is broken, lost, or stolen.


This is a two part answer but the short answer is No.

The access system logs all entrances, alarms, and system faults to a database but Public Safety does not monitor Student, Faculty, or Staff access. With 8,000-10,000 access on any given weekday, only Held Open, Forced Open, and System Faults are monitored by Public safety staff. There are certain circumstances when access records need to be reviewed and the Access Oversight Committee has been established to determine if an event qualifies.

There are primarily three times when student Data is looked at:

  • During an emergency: If there is a serious event such as a Sexual Assault and the Access Oversight Committee authorizes a review, all access data (including Student, Faculty, & Staff card usage, as well as Forced and Held open alarms.) will be analyzed.
  • Access system maintenance and troubleshooting: In order to maintain the system and troubleshoot problems with Doors, Cards, and buildings, History data will be reviewed by the Access System Administrator. This helps determine if a door is potentially failing and also helps us provide preventative maintenance as well. Information obtained by the Administrator is used for troubleshooting purposes and student information is not shared with anyone.
  • ID card Troubleshooting: If a student, faculty or staff member has problems with access, the Access System Administrator will look at access history to determine potential issues with the system, an individuals’ account, or the card itself.

Bi Hall access contact Cathy Ekstrom.

FIC, and a few other locations on campus use Magnetic Stripe Card readers for access. These systems are not updated or maintained by Public Safety or the Access and Parking Office. Mag-Stripe Readers are maintained by Facilities Services.


NO!  Access cards have both a Microchip and antenna which is molded into the card itself. If you punch a hole through either one of these, the card will be rendered inoperable and you will need to purchase a new ID Card.

The bookstore carries a variety of ID card holders.

Department of Public Safety
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