This plan, offered to parents and guardians of enrolled Middlebury College students who are not financial aid recipients, allows you to lock in future tuition and room and board costs at the current year rate.

Prepayment may be made for three or four years at the current tuition and room/board fee rates, which for the 2021–2022 academic year are $76,380 (tuition $59,330 and room/board $17,050). The student activity fee is not included and must be paid separately each semester.

How It Works

The MYPP payment is made in a lump sum on or before the August 15 due date for fall semester bills (for students entering in the spring semester, the payment must be made by December 15). Regardless of future rate increases, you are guaranteed that this amount will cover tuition and room and board for each year that is prepaid. 

To participate in the MYPP, two copies of the completed prepayment agreement and the payment must be received in the Office of Student Financial Services no later than August 15 (December 15 for students entering in the spring).

If the student withdraws from Middlebury, refunds for the current year are made in accordance with the refund procedures. Refunds for future years that have been prepaid are made in the amount originally prepaid for the year. 

A 529 plan cannot prepay tuition and fees for future years. Funds from a 529 can only be used to pay for tuition expenses incurred or invoiced in the same year. Consult with your tax advisor prior to execution of the contract should you want to utilize funds from a 529 plan for the MYPP.

For more information on the MYPP and to request the agreement, please contact Michele Almeida, Bursar, at 802-443-5907 or