Responsibilities of a Staff Council representative

The purpose of the MCSC is to help make Middlebury College a better place to work. The MCSC is elected by the staff employees, and acknowledged by the Board of Trustees, to establish priorities and implement planning for the staff. The MCSC's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

A. Listen and respond to the ideas, opinions, problems, concerns, and grievances of staff employees, and consider other matters that require the MCSC's attention;

B. Organize data, staff views, and other information into reports, and formulate recommendations for actions, changes, and solutions, as required;

C. Convey reports and recommendations to the College administration;

D. Meet with the College administration on a regular basis to discuss reports and recommendations, seeking through mutual agreement to achieve improvements;

E. Report regularly to both staff and administration;

F. Pursue any other lawful action consistent with making Middlebury College a better place to work