State Income Tax Return - How to File

 Note: Massachusetts is the only state return that can be prepared within the FNTR tax software. Other states should be done on paper and not through TurboTax, H&R Block or other software inappropriate for NonResident Aliens.

 To start your State Income Tax return you will need:

  1. All the information you needed for your Federal Income Tax Return
  2. Your Federal Income Tax Return
  3. Note: If you earned income in more than one state, you have to file a state tax return for each state. Use care in preparing the state returns and seek help at a Tax Office workshop if you have more than one state return to file. The Tax Office cannot and will not prepare your returns for you. This is your responsibility.

To get the State Income Tax Return Form:

     For Vermont, the form can be found online . Paper copies are no longer available. Note: If you earned more than $100 you are required to file a Vermont Tax Return. Vermont does offer Free Filing Options for which you might be eligible. If you want to do your return on your own, we will have instructions here. If you are filing a Vermont return for the first time and you are an international student you must provide additional documents. These include: a copy of the first two pages of your passport, a copy of your visa, and a copy of your federal tax return.

     For California, you can find out Who Must File. The correct form 540 can be found by answering a few easy questions here. You might be able to file online for free using either ReadyReturn or CalFile. Free filing assistance can be found here.

     For the District of Columbia, see the FAQs for an answer to the question whether you need to file, which form D-40 you need to file and whether it can be done online.

     For Virginia, you can find out Who Must File and which form 760 you must file and whether it can be done online.

     For Maryland, you can find out Who Must File and whether to file form 502 or 503 and whether it can be done online.

     For Massachusetts, you can find out Who Must File, which tax form 1 to file and whether it can be done online.

     For New York, you can find out Who Must File, which tax form to file and whether it can be done online.

     Due dates are the same for State Returns as for the Federal Return.

     If you cannot file by the April due date, most states require you to mail an extension to them, just like with the IRS for the federal return.

     Mail the State Tax Return to the applicable address (see instructions of state form) or e-file if available through the software.

     If you would like to use a software other than the software available from the state website, we recommend to go to the IRS website to choose free software to do your state tax return (if your income is under a certain threshold). If you use Turbo Tax or any other software found on the IRS website make sure that you enter all of your income in the federal section, but you cannot file this federal return if you are a Non Resident Alien and filing a Form 1040NR.  

     If you received a Form 1098T, note that the amount you paid for tuition is based on when you paid it. Middlebury's 1098T shows what you were billed in the current tax year, not when you actually paid it.  In terms of determining whether any aid is taxable please note that Box 5 shows aid that went towards tuition but also aid that went towards room, board, health insurance, research expenses, etc. Go to to print the backup of your 1098T. The backup shows you what exactly the aid was for. Only aid used for tuition is tax free! All other aid needs to be reported under Other Income as Scholarship Income. Also, if you are a nonresident alien, enter your W-2, 1099 information if you have it. If you got a Form 1042S, only enter the amount next to income code 15, exemption code 00 and only if you were taxed (14 or 30%). This amount needs to be entered in other income as scholarship income.

NOTE: If you are a non-resident alien and you are using any tax software other than FNTR or CINTAX, you have to fill out the federal section in order to get the State Return created but DO NOT send the federal return that is being created. You need a Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ for federal purposes which is not supported by any of these software companies. Only send the state returns electronically. Form 1040NR is created by using CINTAX or FNTR, which is the software the College provides to you for free.