There are limitations on the number of available visitor parking spaces near the center of campus. Visitor parking is allowed in some faculty and staff lots, but the visitor may only find limited spaces available. We encourage all visitors to take advantage of available visitor parking in Q Lot at the Mahaney Arts Center.

Weekday Campus Visitors

Visitors and guests coming to campus Mon.–Fri. between 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. should display a Middlebury College parking permit to avoid being ticketed. Temporary parking permits may be obtained by emailing  

Students, and departments hosting a special event, are responsible for acquainting their guest(s) with the parking regulations. Departments hosting a special event on a weekday should notify Public Safety in advance.

Special Event Visitors

Middlebury College often hosts events open to the public, such as concerts and athletic games. These visitors do not need to acquire a parking permit for evening and weekend events.

For some conferences or overnight events, special parking areas may be designated and special placards may be distributed for event use. Placards are created by Public Safety and are handed out at event registration. 

Overnight Visitors 

Any guest of the College, or guest of a student, planning to park a vehicle on campus overnight must register the vehicle with the Department of Public Safety by sending an email to

The only location on campus for overnight guest parking is the Mahaney Arts Center (MAC) parking lot, in visitor section. 

Guests parking in any location on campus other than the visitor section of the MAC will result in the vehicle being ticketed, towed and/or booted.

Camping or staying in vehicles overnight is not permitted on Middlebury College property. Large motor homes, or similar vehicles, require special permission and instruction to park on campus. Please contact Public Safety well in advance of your visit for more information.

Student Residential Guests

All guests must be registered with Middlebury for the duration of their stay. Personal guests must be registered through the residential life online guest form

Guests who are staying in a student’s room as part of an official College program must be registered in advance through the appropriate department: 

  • Prospective student: Office of Admissions
  • Athletics recruit or player: Athletics
  • Student organization: Student Activities

Students in double/triple rooms, suites, house and townhouses must obtain the consent of their roommates before registering their guest. Roommates and residential life staff will be informed of the registration of the guest automatically.

Department Guests 

Department Guests are visitors whose parking has been arranged in advance by an inviting or sponsoring department. An invited guest may be a vendor, a business associate, a guest speaker, a contractor, or a repair or service provider.

Departments are responsible for ensuring that their guests have the appropriate permits and that they understand the related parking rules.

Departments need to send an email to the Department of Public Safety requesting permits for their guest. In the email they need to state the dates they need the permits for and the number of permits needed. They need to send the request for a permit a week in advance. 

Conditions of use:

  • Invited guest permits may not be issued to individual employees or students for their personal use, or for commute parking.
  • Duplication, alteration, or misuse of an invited guest permit may result in a citation and/or revocation of parking privileges.
  • Permits must be used for departmental visitors only.