Staff Council’s history of representing staff voices has evolved since the first election held in1988.


In the first election nine representatives were appointed. The Council decided to draw straws in order to determine length of office for this initial group of representatives. Three to serve one year terms for the rest of that year until the first regular election scheduled for March of 1989, three to serve two year terms until March of 1990, and three to serve three year terms until March of 1991.

Results of the inaugural election were as follows:

1 year term representatives:

  • Cheryl Lacey (Dining Service), Valerie Szymkowicz (General), Liane Barrera (General)

2 year term representatives: Rhoda Rader (Administrative), Betty Hamilton (Secretarial), Bill Ladeau (Physical Plant)

3 year term representatives: Kim Grohs (General), Pat Noll (Part-time), Jane Roy (Custodial)


Bill Ladeau resigned effective March 1989. Harold Strassner was elected to fill the Physical Plant term expiring March 1990.

In the regular election held in March 1989, George Parton was elected to a three year term, expiring March 1992, as Dining Services rep. As General reps, Valerie Szymkowicz and Liane Barrera were each reelected for 3 additional years, their terms expiring in March 1992.

In July of 1989 Pat Noll and Kim Grohs resigned their positions.

Cassie Chase and Michael Warner were elected to fill the remainder of the Part-time and General terms (expiring in March 1991.)


In January 1990, Cassie Chase was hired into a full time position and announced that she would resign from the part-time representative’s slot effective with the March 1990 election. Valerie Szymkowicz announced her intention of resigning effective March 1990 as well.

In the election held in March 1990 Cassie Chase was elected to fill the remainder of Valerie Szymkowicz’s term as a General rep. (through March 1992). Joe Doria was elected to fill the remainder of Cassie Chase’s term as the Part-time rep. (through March 1991) Fabian Merrill (Physical Plant), Martha Baldwin (Secretarial) and Judy Nelson (Administrative) were all elected in the regular election to three year terms expiring in March 1993.

Joe Doria resigned in August 1990 and Joan Todd was elected to fill the remainder of the Part-time rep. term. (Through March 1991)


In the regular election held in March 1991 Connie Fox (Custodial) and Cindy Pidgeon (General) were elected and Joan Todd (Part-time was reelected, to terms expiring in March 1994.

Judy Nelson resigned in June 1991 and in July 1991 Bob Buckeye was elected to fill the Administrative term expiring in March 1993. He immediately resigned. In September 1991 Norm Cushman was elected to fill the remainder of the Administrative term expiring March 1993.

Fabian Merrill resigned in the summer of 1991. Bob Weeden was elected to fill the Physical Plant term through March 1993. Cassie Chase resigned in November 1991.


In January 1992 Judy Nelson was elected to fill the General term which expired in March 1992.

In March 1992 Bob Stowe (Dining Services), Judy Nelson (General) and Michael Warner (General) were elected to three year terms through 1995. During that year Connie Fox resigned and Norma Leduc was elected to fill the Custodial slot expiring in March 1994.


In January 1993 the MCSC recommended revisions to its Constitution. The staff voted overwhelmingly to amend as proposed. There were changes in several key items, including major changes in the way the Council represents the staff. Part-time, Secretarial and General representatives were pooled to create four campus district representatives and one member-at-large representative. The administrative representative was redefined as Supervisory/Administrative. The term of office was shortened to two years. The Council was given the responsibility to appoint a replacement for a resigned representative—to serve until the next regular election. The executive committee was expanded to create co-secretarial positions.

Following the revision of its Constitution, the Council voted to grandfather sitting council members to their current terms of office with the following changes in representation: Martha Baldwin (District 1), Michael Warner (District 2), Cindy Pidgeon (District 3), Judy Nelson (District 4), Joan Todd (Member-at-Large).

In the March 1993 election Pete Chenevert (Supervisory/Administrative), John Martini (Physical Plant) and Gail Smith (District 1) were elected to two year terms.


In February 1994 Bob Stowe (Dining) resigned his council position effective March 1994. The MCSC voted to refill his position in its March 1994 election for a full two year term.

Joan Todd (M-a-L) resigned her position at Middlebury College in March 1994. As an election was in process the council decided not to appoint a temporary replacement.

In March 1994 Norma Leduc (Custodial), Cindy Pidgeon (District 3), Alan Williams (Dining), Barb Woodbury (M-a-L) were elected to two year terms.

In June 1994 Norma Leduc (Custodial) resigned. John Burnham was appointed by the MCSC in July 1994 to a temporary position lasting until March 1995—the remaining one year of the term to be filled by election.

During the Fall of 1994 the MCSC decided to adopt the terms Facilities Management(FM)—Physical Plant and FM—Custodial when referring to those positions.

In October 1994 the Council accepted the resignation of John Martini (FM—Physical Plant). Mike Wakefield was appointed by the MCSC to a temporary position through March 1995.


In March 1995 Betty Anderson (District 1), Tracy Pitman (District 2), Glenna Emilo (District 4), Wayne Hall (FM—Physical Plant), and Beth Karnes (Supervisory/Administrative) were elected to two year terms. John Burnham (FM—Custodial) was elected to fill the remaining one year of an unexpired term.

In May 1995 John Burnham (FM—Custodial) resigned. Sandralee Berno was appointed by the MCSC in August 1995 to a temporary position through March 1996.


In March 1996 Sandralee Berno (FM—Custodial), Chris Goodrich (District 3), Barbara Woodbury (Member-at-Large) and Mary Reed (Dining) were elected to two year terms.


In March 1997 Dan Ahearn (District 1),Ken Pohlman (District 2), Beth Karnes (Supervisory/Admin.), Brian Manchester (District 4) and Wayne Hall (FM—Custodial) were elected to two year terms. Doris Martel (FM—Custodial) was appointed to a temporary position through March 1998, to replace Sandralee Berno (FM—Custodial).


In April 1998 Bonnie Belden (FM—Custodial), Peter Bouchard (District 3), Charlotte Tate (Member-at-Large) and Judy Dow (Dining) were elected to two year terms. In July 1998, Carrie Rampp (District 4) was appointed to replace Brian Manchester (District 4) through Spring 1999. In Fall 1998 Dan Ahearn (District 1) resigned and was replaced by Cindy Wemette (District 1) through Spring 1999.

In December 1998 Peter Bouchard (District 3) resigned and was replaced by Kathleen Knippler.


In April 1999 Carol Newton (District 4), Ann Nottingham (District 3), Wayne Hall (FM—Custodial), Cindy Wemette (District 1), Ken Pohlman (District 2), Charles Sternberg (Supervisory/Administrative) were elected to 2-year terms.


In April 2000 Sarah Ryan (Custodial Services) and Maya Richmond (Member At Large) were elected to two-year terms. Judy Dow (Dining Services — Secretary) was re-elected for a two-year term.


In April 2001 Carol Newton (District 4) and Charles Sternberg (Supervisory/Administrative) were re-elected to 2-year terms.  Trish Dougherty (District 3), Mike Knapp (District 2), Alisa Cutter (District 1), Roger Norton (Custodial) and Neil Metcalf (Facilities Management) were elected to 2-year terms.


In February of 2002 the staff voted to change the way districts are determined. The Human Resources Department had implemented a new system (Banner) on January first to replace the AS400 and we wanted to ensure the viability of our ballots.  The college’s staff were sorted by their organization numbers (numbers assigned to the different departments on campus.)  These “org” numbers were created in a hierarchical manner which allowed us to create districts based upon services rather than just geography.  We voted to eliminate the Supervisory/Administrative district and add two new districts.  The new districts are summarized below:

  • Dining Services, including Rehearsals and The Grille
  • Facilities Management
  • Library/ITS
  • Custodial Services
  • District A: Museum, Admissions, Financial Aid, Dean of Faculty
  • District B: Summer and Off Campus Programs, College Advancement
  • District C: Student Affairs, Campus Safety, Service Learning
  • District D: President’s Office, Provost, Commons, Athletics, Center for International Affairs, Center for Educational Technology
  • District E: Offices of the Treasurer and Operations (purchasing, human resources, mailing services, reprographics), including the Bookstore, Golf Course, Pro Shop and Snow Bowl

All current members of the Staff Council were grandfathered into their new districts.  The March 2002 elections included Districts C and D - which were without representatives.  Charles Sternberg was invited to remain on the Staff Council and complete his 2-year term.  The member-at-large position was also retained.

In April of 2002 Charles Sternberg (Dining Services), Wayne Darling (District C), Lisa Livingston (District D) and Lisa Terrier (Member-at-Large) were elected to 2-year terms.

In October of 2002 Lisa Livingston Ayers (District D) resigned her seat. The Staff Council approached the other candidates from that district’s last election and Shelley Payne agreed to fill Lisa’s seat until our next round of elections.


In April of 2003 Patricia McCaffrey (Dining Services), and Rebekah Condon (District D) were each elected to a 1-year term. Duane Martin (Facilities), Susan Levine (District B), Janet Lizotte (Custodial), Crispin Butler (District A) Donna J. Paquette (District E) were elected to 2-year terms. Mike Knapp (LIS) was re-elected to a 2-year term.

May of 2003 brought a change in the constitution for staff council and elections were held in May instead of March. Next elections took place May 2004. Terms for current members of staff council were extended to May.

September 2003, Mike Knapp was called to active duty. The interim LIS representative is Tess Deddo. This slot will come up for re-election in May of 2004.


During the 2018-2019 academic year, Rachel Muradyan and Grace O’Dell from the Staff Advisory Team (SAT) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California served as interim representatives to Staff Council. Interim members met quarterly with the Council by video conference, sent two Institute staff to visit Middlebury and meet with Staff Council in-person. This collaboration resulted in revisions to SAT’s Working Statement and structure and drafting a resolution to add the Institute as a ‘Middlebury Staff Council District’ with two staff representatives.


Staff Council voted to approve the resolution to create “District M” as a staff representative group to the Council. The inaugural election was held in May 2019. Grace O’dell assumed the one year term role of the District M member at large. Bob Cole was elected to serve the first two year term as District M representative.


Staff Council initiated a review of Districts to balance staff membership and alignment with administrative leadership.