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Middlebury Staff Council (MSC) is writing to share an exciting opportunity for staff. Joining committees is a great way to meet people in the college community, understand the workings of different committees, and explore Middlebury outside your regular role.

Each of the committees below needs staff representation:


The Community Council serves as a forum in which all segments of the College community have a voice on nonacademic issues on campus. With a membership that represents students, faculty, and staff, its deliberations and decisions consider the interests and concerns of the whole community. This committee meets once a week. For more information, please visit: http://www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/ug-college-policies/commun-policies/comm-council

Please respond to this email If you are interested in serving. Staff Council will forward names to President Patton, who will make those appointments.


The Environmental Council plays an active role in guiding Middlebury’s commitment to environmental and sustainability issues. This standing committee of students, faculty, and staff advises the President and recommends policy, undertakes assessments, and projects, and educates the College community. The EC works on several initiatives each year through subcommittees. You can expect to meet as a full committee for one hour each month, and with your subcommittee roughly every two weeks or as needed. We provide mid-year updates and a final in-person report and recommendations to the President at the end of the academic year. For more information, click here.  

Please respond to this email and we will be sure to pass your information along. We will inform applicants of their status by September 12.  Specific focus areas for this year will be determined shortly. The first meeting will be (tentatively) on Monday, September 19 from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.


There are standing committees of the Staff Council, where a lot of your Staff Council’s work gets done. Below is a list of standing committees and a description of each taken from the Staff Council Constitution. These committees are open to any and all staff members who are interested in participating:

  • Elections: conducts nominations and elections for MCSC positions including written notification of election procedures and deadlines; validates election results; determines and reviews representation of employee groups with the approval of the MCSC.
  • Events: studies, develops, and plans for workshops, on-the-job training, activities, events, staff education/orientation, and related programs.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Studies and reviews salary issues, benefits, leaves and vacations, job categories, and related subjects.


We are seeking two more representatives to join Staff Council. Click here for more information.

  • Representative for District D
  • Representative for District J

Thank you,

Middlebury Staff Council