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    Social Science Research Modules Progress Continues

    | by Mike Roy

    The Social Science Research Modules project continues to make progress in its efforts to create shareable modules for learning how to conduct research in the social sciences. They completed a module on surveys, are developing a module on interviews that will be beta tested this spring, and have plans for creating two additional modules on the fundamentals of research and data analysis. You can learn more about this effort, and gain access to these modules at the project’s website

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    Call for Participation: midd.data and Axinn Center for the Humanities Data Workshop Series

    | by Mike Roy

    Do you have an idea for a data-driven humanities project, but you are not sure where to start? Do you have a humanities-centered research question that can only be answered with data analysis?  Consider participating in the Humanities Data Workshop Series, brought to you by midd.data and the Axinn Center for the Humanities with support from Middlebury’s data librarians Wendy Shook and Ryan Clement. In this beginners workshop you will learn how to collect, organize, structure, clean, and visualize your data. Depending on the needs of the participants, other topics may also be introduced.