CTLR services will be available for Fall 2023 in-person and remotely. Stop by the CTLR suite (Lib 225), email ctlr@middlebury.edu, or call (802) 443-3131 to contact us. go/connect

Learning Resources

Jennifer Bates, Director of Learning Resources
Jenny Orten, Assistant Director of Learning Resources

ACES (Academic Consultants for Excellence)
ACEs are peer tutors trained to help with time management, study skills, and other strategies to assist you with work-life balance and academic success. Book an appointment with an ACE at go/appt or stop by their drop-in hours at the Anti-Procrastination Station. go/ace

You can schedule an individual appointment with the directors at go/appt. If you don’t see a time that works for you, please email Jennifer Bates (jbates@middlebury.edu) and Jenny Orten (jorten@middlebury.edu) with your windows of availability or send a screenshot of your schedule.  The directors can provide more comprehensive executive function coaching especially for students with substantial challenges. 

If a faculty or staff member makes a referral, they will copy the student on the email. A course warning also serves as a referral and will result in direct outreach to the student.

For additional information about Learning Resources see go/lr or email Jennifer Bates at jbates@middlebury.edu or Jenny Orten at jorten@middlebury.edu.

International Language Support

Diane DeBella, Director of Language Support

If you are enrolled in an international language course, peer tutors can assist with writing, speaking, and reading. You can meet with a tutor weekly or as needed by booking an individual appointment at go/appt.

Contact Diane DeBella at ddebella@middlebury.edu or see go/languagetutoring for more information.

STEM and Quantitative Support 

Frank Ruzicka, Director of STEM and Quantitative Support 

Tutors are available in a wide array of STEM and Social Science courses, with experience and training in quantitative methods. Peer tutors are generally course-based and can assist with assignments, concepts, and methods in group study sessions or individually. Book an individual appointment at go/appt or see the drop-in tutoring calendar.

See go/sq for more information or email Frank Ruzicka at ctlr_stemq@middlebury.edu. The STEM and Quantitative hub is located inside the Armstrong Library in Bicentennial Hall (MBH 209).

Writing Center

Genie Giaimo, Director of the Writing Center, Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric (WRPR)
Diane DeBella, Assistant Director of the Writing Center

Writing Center tutors work with students on their ideas and development as writers. Tutors are involved from the beginning to the end of many writing projects and for any type of writing, such as cover letters, research papers, or poetry. Their services focus on writing motivation, writing project planning, decoding professor feedback, and revision strategies. You can schedule appointments to work on creative projects and other non-course based writing as well as writing for courses.

Peer writing tutors are available for drop-ins in the AFC 2nd floor library on Sundays from 7-11 pm, the CTLR (Lib225) on Mondays from 7-11 pm and Fridays 2:30-4:30 pm. Online appointments are available Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7-11 pm. You can register for WCOnline accounts to schedule appointments. Students that have tutors embedded within their FYS/CW/WRPR courses are encouraged to reach out to their assigned course tutor to work with them. For more information, visit go/wc.

Professional writing tutors are also available at go/appt. Be aware there are a limited number of tutoring appointments available. Students should not book more than one appointment per week, especially in the second half of the semester.

Embedded course tutors are specifically assigned to First Year Seminars and Second-level college writing (CW) courses. They work holistically on planning and carrying out writing projects, developing effective writing processes, and academic mentorship.

Email Genie Giaimo at ggiaimo@middlebury.edu or see go/wc for more information.

Fellowships and Undergraduate Research

Lisa Gates, Associate Dean for Fellowships and Research
Mary Lothrop, Asst. Dean, Director of Health Professions and Science Advising
Hannah Benz, Asst. Dean, Associate Director of Health Professions and Science Advising

Advisors provide assistance to students and alumni with applications to nationally competitive fellowships, such as Fulbright, Goldwater, Marshall, Rhodes, Schwarzman, Truman, or Watson. More information can be found at go/fellowships.

Undergraduate Research provides funding for academic conference travel, senior research projects, and summer research assistants working with Middlebury faculty. They also help students connect with research opportunities on or off campus. Hannah and Mary work with students exploring research opportunities and graduate school in the sciences; Lisa focuses on humanities and social sciences.

Students can make appointments with Lisa Gates at go/appt. Email fellowships@middlebury.edu or ur@middlebury.edu with questions.

For science advising, schedule an appointment with Hannah Benz (hbenz@middlebury.edu) or Mary Lothrop (mlothrop@middlebury.edu). Scheduling information and drop-in advising hours available at go/hp.  

Health Professions

Mary Lothrop, Asst. Dean, Director of Health Professions and Science Advising
Hannah Benz, Asst. Dean, Associate Director of Health Professions and Science Advising

Mary and Hannah help students and alumni make informed pre-health decisions, provide timely and accurate guidelines around pre-health admission requirements, and support clinical, service and research engagement.

E-mail Hannah Benz (hbenz@middlebury.edu) or Mary Lothrop (mlothrop@middlebury.edu) to schedule an appointment.

Find more information and virtual weekly drop-in advising hours at go/hp.  

Fall Tutoring and Advising Modalities and Masking

Tutors and advisors will use a mix of digital and in-person modalities determined by tutor or advisor discretion, student needs, and current health situations on and around campus. CTLR spaces are generally mask optional. Masks may be required for individual events, advisors, or tutors.

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