Where is the College Handbook located on the website?

The entire College Handbook is located here. If you are looking for just the faculty section, click here.

Is there a place to find minutes of past Faculty Meetings?

Yes, they are contained in a blog, which is searchable by topic. You must be logged in with your username and password (the same as for your email) to access the page.

Where can I find the voucher template for reimbursements on the website?

You will find all voucher templates here. They can also be found on our Forms page. 

Where can I find Payroll calendars?

Current and recent Payroll Calendars can be found here.

What is the format for leave reports?

Leave reports are due by September 1st following the end of your academic leave.  Your leave report should provide an overview of your activities and accomplishments while on leave. The report should be written for a general audience, and need not be more than a few paragraphs long.

Keep in mind that a report on your leave must be submitted prior to the approval of future leaves.

Where is the Faculty Moderator webpage and what is the moderator's email address?

Please click here for the Faculty Moderator website. The moderator's email address is: FM@middlebury.edu

I don't know who to call about...?

For a list of commonly needed contacts, please visit this page.

Who do I contact about research support?

Contact Jim Ralph, Dean of Faculty Development and Research (ext. 5320) or Lynn Dunton, Budget Coordinator for Academic Affairs (ext. 3085).

When and where are the faculty meetings?

The faculty meeting schedule, including location, is available on the Faculty Meeting Dates page.

What is the leave moving stipend and what does it cover?

Please read the Leave Moving Policy for full details.

When is the deadline for visiting Winter Term faculty to submit course proposals?

The deadline is always the first Friday in April. For January 2017, the deadline is April 1, 2016.

Is there a single document that includes everything that is expected of a faculty member?

Please see the document titled Guidelines for Faculty.

Where is Academic Affairs?

Academic Affairs is located in Old Chapel. Visit the Contact Us page to see where individual offices are located.

How do I request a faculty carrel in the library?

Please contact Janis Audet at x2207.

Where are the new teaching load guidelines on the website?

They are located here.

Academic Administration
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