Elected Committees and Positions

Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee advises the president on cases in which a faculty member is under review for promotion with tenure or to full professor. The Promotions Committee also serves as a body of review in termination for cause cases involving faculty members. The committee consists of three full-time full professors who are elected by the faculty. No more than two members of the committee may be from one division and no more than one from a department.

2014-15 Membership

G. Herb to 2017
H. Grasswick to 2016
P. Ryan to 2016

Reappointments Committee

The Reappointments Committee advises the president in all reappointment reviews.  This committee also conducts ten-year reviews. The committee consists of three full-time full professors who are elected by the faculty. No more than two members of the committee may be from one division and no more than one from a department.

2014-15 Membership

J. Tropp to 2017
H. Young to 2016
M. McCauley to 2015

Educational Affairs Committee

The EAC has two primary functions: to oversee the general direction of the College's curriculum and to make recommendations on staffing and the allocation of teaching resources. The EAC consists of five tenured members of the faculty, elected by the faculty. No more than two members of the committee may be from one division, and no more than one from a department.

2014-15 Membership

S. Gurland, chair (ex-officio)
J. Arndt to 2017
C. Wiebe to 2017
T. Van Order to 2017
A. Losano to 2015
P. Schumer to 2015 

Inquiries for the EAC may be directed to Dean of Curriculum. The entire committee may be contacted via email at Educational Affairs Committee.

For more information about requesting staffing positions, teaching expectations, the course release policy, and EAC reports, please visit the EAC subpage.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council advises the president and serves as a channel of communication between the faculty and the administration. The Council consists of four tenured and two untenured members elected by the faculty. Members of the faculty in their first or second year of appointment are not eligible for election, nor are those on part-time, associate, visiting, or other special appointments, or those who are currently under tenure review. Members of Faculty Council sometimes report to the faculty as one of  two subcommittees: the Committee on Conference with the Trustees, and the Committee on Finance and Planning.  At the end of each academic year, Faculty Council also serves as the Committee on Committees, charged with making faculty appointments to other college committees.

2014-15 Membership

R. Prasch to 2017
J. McCallum to 2017
C. Wright to 2017
C. Velez to 2016
L. White to 2016
A. Draper to 2015
G. Gonzalez Zenteno to 2015

The committee may be contacted, en masse, via e-mail facultycouncil@middlebury.edu

Faculty Council Archives - Minutes of council meetings, tagged by content (Content is restricted to members of the Middlebury Community.)

Appeals Council

The Appeals Council hears petitions from faculty members who wish to contend a promotion review that results in non-reappointment. Appeals are granted only on grounds involving procedural errors that may have influenced the review committee and/or the president, or violations of academic freedom. The Appeals Council consists of five tenured faculty members, elected by the faculty. No two members of the Council may be from the same department.

 2014-15 Membership

L. Yarbrough to 2017
B. Hofer to 2017
S. Abbott to 2016
J. Holmes to 2016
B. Hart to 2015

Faculty Moderator

David Dorman, Mathematics (2015)

The Faculty Moderator presides over Faculty Meetings, participates with Faculty Council and with the administration in planning the agenda for faculty meetings, and encourages faculty to make suggestions for the agenda.

To write to the Faculty Moderator, click here.  The moderator will also maintain a webpage.

Committees Appointed by Faculty Council

Administration Committee

2014-15 Membership

K. Guttentag, Co-Chair (ex-officio)

T. Billings (co-chair)

T. Beyer

C. Nunley

E. Proctor

Admissions Advisory Committee

2014-15 Membership

G. Buckles, Chair

W. Poulin-Deltour

P. Sommers

I. Uricaru

M. Witkin

Americans with Disabilities Act Committee

2014-15 Membership

J. Litchfield, Coordinator (ex-officio)

W. Nash

M. Nevins

W. Xu

Athletic Policy Committee

2014-15 Membership

D. Brayton (chair)

L. Grindon

N. Wieda

E. Quinn

Center for Careers and Internships Advisory Committee

2014-15 Membership

J. Teets

M. Ward

College Street Children's Center Board

2014-15 Membership

R. Pareja

Community Council

2014-15 Membership

S. Collado, Co-Chair

J. Fitzsimmons

S. Tan

R. Schine

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee considers proposals for new courses, reviews proposals for new minors, and oversees other additions or changes to the curriculum. It is a subcommittee of the Educational Affairs Committee.

2014-15 Membership

S. Gurland

M. Evancho

E. Glikman

S. Liebhaber

E. Sassin

L. Graham (Registrar)

For more information, please contact the chair, or Curriculum Information Specialist Janis Audet. For course proposal forms, please visit the Curriculum Committee subpage.

Education Studies Committee

2014-15 Membership

C. Cooper, Chair

J. Mao

R. Tiger

Environmental Council

2014-15 Membership

D. Allen

N. Eppelsheimer

K. Fuentes-George

S. Sheldon

Faculty LIS Advisory Committee (FLAC)

2014-15 Membership

M. Roy, Ex-officio

K.  Callanan

E. Garrison

B. Humbert

Financial Aid Advisory Committee

2014-15 Membership

M. Clinton

D. West



Health Professions Committee

2014-15 Membership

R. Sandwick (chair)

J. Byers

A. Christman

E. Gong

C. Han

F. Feiereisen

J. Huddleston

T. Root

ad hoc Honorary Degree Committee


C. Brown

J. Dunham

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is mandated by U.S. federal law to oversee and evaluate all aspects of Middlebury College's animal care and use program. The IACUC is committed to assisting faculty, students and staff in upholding the college's commitment to the finest care and most humane utilization of animals and to enabling meaningful scientific research and teaching.

For more information, please visit the IACUC website (content restricted to members of the Middlebury College Community).

Institutional Review Board

The IRB exists to protect people who participate in original research conducted at Middlebury College or by a member of the College community.  Research that involves interviewing other people, distributing surveys, conducting experiments on people, or even observing particular people in their daily lives is normally what we call "research on human subjects," and all such research requires some level of approval from the IRB.

 2014-15 Membership

M. Kimble (chair)

L. Besser-Jones

J. McCallum

A. Robbett

I. Schiffer

B. Stevens (Community Member)

J. Ralph (Administrator)

For more information about applying for research approval, please visit the Institutional Review Board website.

Judicial Boards

Middlebury College invests its students, staff and faculty with the power to maintain community values through our judicial system. The Academic Judicial Board (AJB) reviews alleged violations of Middlebury's Honor Code: cheating, plagiarism, or other forms of academic dishonesty. The Community Judicial Board (CJB) reviews alleged violations of Middlebury's Community Standards and General Policies; Sexual Assault Policy; Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy; and other Handbook policies when the alleged violation is serious enough that official College discipline (probation or suspension) is a possible outcome.

Academic Judicial Board, 2014-15 Membership

R. Bennett (co-chair)

L. Castaneda

E. Napier

E. Oxfeld

D. Silva

Community Judicial Board, 2014-15 Membership

G. Ernstrom

L. Hamberlin

R. Moussa

E. Vazquez

Please visit the Judicial Affairs website for more information.

Off-Campus Study/Programs Abroad

2014-15 Membership

J. Cason, Chair

S. Closser

M. Higa

P. Wunnava


S. Viner

Sexual Assault Oversight Committee

E. Gebarowski-Shafer

R. Moeller

B. Rueppel

Pre-Professional Committees

2014-15 Membership

Architectural Studies
J. McLeod

R. Prasch

D. Scharstein

M. Dry

Academic Administration
Old Chapel
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753