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Resources Committee

The Resources Committee represents the College faculty in shared-governance discussions with the administration and Board of Trustees regarding Middlebury's financial sustainability, especially as it relates to the College. In addition to its concern with matters directly related to the faculty, the Committee will also consider other financial matters that affect the integrity of Middlebury's academic program and, for example, the College's commitments to supporting students with financial need and ensuring the diversity of the community.

The Resources Committee will consist of four faculty members: two elected by the faculty and two appointed by Faculty Council in its role as the Committee on Committees. No more than two members of the Resources Committee may be from one division, and no more than one member may be from one department.

2021-22 Membership

K. Smith Abbott to 2022
N. Graham to 2023
T. Byker to 2023
B. Baird to 2024

Academic Administration
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Middlebury College
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