If I study biology off-campus can I transfer those credits?

Off-campus programs vary widely in their rigor and focus thus if you plan to study off-campus you must get prior approval from the biology department to transfer the credits. A maximum of three courses taken off campus can be counted toward the biology major, or a maximum of two courses for joint majors.The biology "core courses" must be taken at Middlebury. These include BIOL 0140, BIOL 0145, and at least one of the two "organismal" courses required of the major. We do not accept Independent Study credits for biology credit since these are research projects without our input or control. When a course is offered at Middlebury with a laboratory or prerequisites the equivalent off-campus course must also have a laboratory or prerequisites. Greater detail on studying off-campus and transferring credits can be found by clicking on the How to Study Off-campus link at the left.


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