Welcome to the Program in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBBC) at Middlebury College.

We are an intellectual community of students and faculty with a common interest in applying a personal, rigorous, multidisciplinary approach to the examination of life at the macromolecular, cellular, and organismal levels. The purpose of our program is to provide an excellent molecular biology education grounded in strong fundamentals and finished with advanced opportunities, all within a residential liberal arts setting. Molecular biology studies the flow and regulation of genomic information as it relates to the development and function of cells and organisms.

We offer advanced study and research in neurobiology, developmental biology, computational biology, molecular genetics, and biochemical mechanisms. Majoring in MBBC in a liberal arts setting is an excellent foundation to becoming an informed citizen or for a career in an increasingly technological world. In these pages, you will find information about MBBC courses and research, students and faculty, facilities, and special events. We look forward to speaking with interested students - please feel free to contact any of us!

Front row, left to right: Professors Susan DeSimone, Lindsay Repka, Catherine Combelles, Jeremy Ward. Back row, left to right: Professors Grace Spatafora, Bob Cluss, Erin Eggleston, and Greg Pask (not in photo).




Program in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

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